Friday, June 20, 2008

I did it :)

Today I drove our family car...I did it!!!!! Just like that! First I thought there will be problem in backing out of the garage. None. Just turned left, backed out, easy:) This had me smiling all day. Called and told all friends and acquaintances.
Mum was the one most amazed. "You did? You really did!! Are you joking?"
I was almost hurt, "Why are you so surprised, all my friends said 'We knew you would the day you decide to start it'."
And true I have never had such wonderful friends. Nobody was surprised, all were delighted, some wanted to be taken for a ride, some wanted celebrations. All promised to find excuses to help me practice further. The one friend who had nagged me into replacing the Maruti keys with these ones in my bag was not above taking credit for it. Oh, I have friends worth cherishing!
Told Husband when he called. He was delighted, but asked me to be careful. I realise the only thing I need to be careful about is exactly what worries me in the Maruti - Two Wheelers overtaking from the left. And one gets used to that also, just need some cautious practice.
Oh I am so, so happy!!!

A friend kindly decided to trust her life in my hands. She had to go to a particular tailor. So off we went, feeling like two excited teenagers, drove cautiously, took quieter roads, drove a little more when her job was done - extra practice. Faced some difficulty while parking today, but managed after a few tries. As I was parking, it announced, "Your vehicle is running on reserved fuel!" Did I actually drive this much? No I didn't, of course, there was hardly any fuel in the first place.
I looked for and found the booklets that came with the car. I feel as if the car has just been bought.

The car needs fuel. So we drive up to the closest Petrol Pump, no Extra Mile there, we need to go further. We go through crowded roads, and I am totally comfortable, actually never been this comfortable before! We get our fuel, Son jumps out to see the machine was reset to ZERO, Daughter counts the money to be paid, I am concentrating on stopping the car in the right place. The kids have to be bribed for all this support, they buy 'Ten Thousand BC', 'The Spiderwick Chronicles', 'Enchanted' and 'Twenty Seven Dresses', while I wait cheerfully basking in a new achievement, listening to Radio One. I had thought I will never be able to drive this car, we were actually considering buying another small car for me, but that was in the bad old days ... I call my Mom again. "Guess where am I speaking from?" From there we drive to the Gym, where I practice parking, backing and driving back home. One day I was going to do this alone:)

The kids cannot be bribed for any more 'support' though they agree to help park the car back in the garage when I get back. I volunteer to take Gym-friend for an ultrasound. Again I wait in the car and take pictures. Then we (for the first time) drive to the Gym in this car. My foot presses 'Brake' when I want to press 'Accelerator', and the car stops when I want to turn and park! No problem, I restart and park without any further trouble. Am in no mood to exercise. Walk on the tread mill half heartedly. Drop Gym friend at her place and park the car in a single attempt, just right, just perfectly! With no help!!! The kids are slightly surprised.
Today I enjoyed driving, without getting stressed(despite minor problems).

That will be tomorrow. These days I find myself humming happily, and then wonder why am I so happy...what was it? Oh of course I did it!!!! I regret no more:)


Manpreet said...

Wow, Thats great. And what make and model is the car that has the honor of you driving it for the first time? This post has actually sent me reeling down the memory lane (in fact there were more than one persons reeling then, hahaha) when I had goofed up.
BTW, I put some (a little) music on my page again. Wanted you to listen to it.

Sraikh said...

woohoo New Found Independence.
There is something to be said sitting behind the steering wheel, isnt there?
I dont think I will dare to drive in India though.

chandni said...

congratulations!! Sounds fantastic. "Family car" sounds big and burly! I am most impressed!

This post is motivating me to finally learn driving!!!

have been wanting to and meaning to, but just too caught up with other things.

driving I come!

Anonymous said...

yaay!! congratulations!!!!!!!
driving is so much it gives u a hell of a lot of independence! :D

Indian Home Maker said...

Manpreet I have decided come whatever may I am going to drive, narrow lanes, pot holes, terrible traffic, jittery nerves I come :)

Indian Home Maker said...

sraikh Hi, nice to see you back:)
Yeah, love being behind the steering wheel.And the feeling of independence is unbeatable. I feel most cars are partial to drivers, you get to do so much more when you are in the driver's seat. The kids are delighted too, and just waiting to turn eighteen!

Indian Home Maker said...

Chandni I advise all women who do not drive to learn fast. My one, big regret is I started so late. You will love it, just learn and don't get scared, and don't stop driving.
Apart from everything else is the sheer joy of driving. I wish we had long, winding empty roads to drive long distances, to lovely music.

Indian Home Maker said...

Mandira Yeah and also a sense of achievement :) If we don't keep learning newer skills we stop growing.

Pinku said...


thanks for ur visit....and congrats on the new skill...waiting to see a pic of u and the car ..

@lankr1ta said...

Awesome- am proud of you!

Indian Home Maker said...

Pinku LOL Yeah, I should do that:)

Alankrita Thanks!!!(a huge grin)

Priyanka said...

Great! Congratulations !! Now you can go on nice long refreshing drives all by yourself! Stay Confident!

Priyanka said...

BTW, the Mumbai-Pune expressway should be a good drive.

Indian Home Maker said...

Priyanka Thanks:) I am still not able to totally digest it..I am so happy!Express Highway is also slightly scary...