Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Deep, Dark Secrets! (TAG)

Chandni tagged me to reveal ten deep, dark secrets...everybody seems to have cheated on this tag and just written titbits about themselves. I have made no attempt to be a little more honest ;)

1. I love Rock and Roll. Fun bhi Exercise bhi!

2. I am not a foodie, I like very simple, Indian food. Don't even like chocolates and colas.

3. I enjoy serious discussions and debates. I act cool, but mostly I am really angry if the issue is close to my heart.

4. I am genuinely surprised when I hear women say, they feel their husband could have handled a situation better, not because the said husbands are more efficient/qualified/smarter but because they are men. Do they believe this? Or is it just the way they talk, out of habit?

5. I love animals, and find it very difficult to even be polite to people who are cruel to animals. One specimen that had me fuming, "They are born as stray dogs in this life because they must have done something wrong in their last life." What I did not say, "Well, you will also be born as a stray dog in your next life, if you remain so cruel and condescending!"

6. I live in denim Jeans/shorts etc, T Shirts and Sneakers. Or, of late, Gym Wear by Yoga (with lycra).

7. I have no passion for jewellery, but I drool in The Home Store, Life Style, Shopper's Stop, The Good earth etc ‘Kitchen Section’. Tea cups, Pans, Ladles, Gadgets, Blinds, Hobs, Dinner Plates...I can pass hours window shopping. Hardware, Furniture, Linen and Grocery Department also have almost the same effect on my salivary glands.

8. Although I am obsessed with fitness, I am careless about equally essential regular checkups.

9. I am close to my mom, but Dad was my best friend. I am so much like him with my own kids that I am amazed myself.

10. If our principles decided our faith, Jainism comes closest to mine.

And now I pass this tag to ...

1. Imp's Mom


3. Thought Room

4. Asaaan


chandni said...

with you on number 7!!!

I love lifestyle products and kitchen ware and can spend hours looking at them!

Manpreet said...

Very Impressive, particularly the part on chocolates and colas, exercise. As far as women deeming men more efficient, it is probably their own inferiority complex that comes to the fore. Or perhaps it is cos some women cant stop talking about their hubbies in general. :P

Anonymous said...

i love jean too!! but that u already know...
iam nt a foodie either...but that too is kown to u! :)

Devaki said...

Ditto on 7 again. I suspect we will have lots of women on this list!

About 4, I was shocked to realize I often say this myself - I don't much about x gadget/ y directions etc. - please ask the husband! Then I thought some more and realized I say it because I genuinely believe he is a better person to answer those questions, not because he is a 'man'.

And then I was relieved! :-) But this tendency is something to guard against in the future I think.

Indian Home Maker said...

Chandni For my screen saver I have delightful kitchen pictures saved from the net.

Indian Home Maker said...

Manpreet I also think it's just a habit.
And I love ras malai and kaju katli, that nullifies the cola+chocolate indifference.

Indian Home Maker said...

Mandira I was thinking of your list while writing these, it's nice to find stuff in common with our blogging friends:)

Indian Home Maker said...

Devaki Like I say he is better at bargaining and negotiating, because he is actually good at it :)

Aaarti said...


I did the Tag... :)
share same views as you on animals, and jewellery... :D