Saturday, June 14, 2008

I heart tags :)

Mandira tagged me, so here's lots more about me:)

I am: An Idealist. Honest. An Optimist.

I think:one day there will be peace, compassion, justice, freedom, happiness all over the world.

I want: to live to see World Peace; a better India; Politics sans crime and violence;equality and justice for all living creatures, including women and minorities world over.

I have: the power to do my bit.

I wish: I was more disciplined. Had more will power. Did not get so obsessed with the latest interest that I neglect everything else.

I hate:Bigots. Fundamentalists. MCPs. Fascists. Taliban. Communalism. Honor Killing. Gender Bias. Cruelty to animals. Narrow mindedness.

I miss: My dad...NO one in this world can hear and advise as patiently.

I fear: if we do not do something, this country will be ruled by Fundamentalists/religious fanatics/hypocrites ('Girls should not wear jeans to allure boys' kind of governments).

I feel: Very strongly about justice, fair play, privacy, freedom, equality, about state interfering with citizens' personal lives (e.g. rights for gays and lesbians/celebrating Valentine's day).

I hear: Extra sharp. Can be a nuisance sometimes.

I crave: Ras Malai & Kaju Katli.

I search:and never find an explanation for why God created a World so imperfect.

I wonder: how anybody can have such double standards, no conscience, closed minds, so much fear, no feelings, so much greed, such dishonesty...and still look normal. (upon meeting such people)

I regret: Nothing very seriously, just little things that can be amended- not going to the Gym regularly, not starting to drive earlier...not driving the more spacious, more comfortable, family vehicle yet...

I love: My family and pets. My causes. Democracy. My freedom. Any body's Freedom.

I ache: for injured stray animals looking for water, food and some love.

I care: About what happens to children on the streets. About women on pavements ...about little girls and boys growing up in homes where alcohol and violence ruin their childhood.

I am not: as independent and bold as I'd like to be. But I am trying.

I believe: If we really, really want something we do always get it.

I dance: Love dancing very much. Always amongst the first on the floor and amongst the last to leave.

I sing: tunelessly, while driving, in fact all the time. My family will do anything to stop my singing :)

I cry: a lot when I see, hear or even read about suffering...

I don’t always: speak my mind.

I fight: without seeming to fight. But I do fight for what I believe in. All the time.

I write: to communicate, to share, to get something out of my system ...

I win: Do I care to? It's never about winning or loosing for me.

I lose: Again it doesn't matter, lose today, try again tomorrow.

I never: give up. At least not easily.

I always: am very cautious. Check the doors are locked. Gas cylinder knob is down. Kids have their mobiles with them. The car has enough fuel. Burglar alarm is working.

I confuse:people's faces/names/roads/dates. But never Zodiac signs.

I listen: Willingly and with pleasure. I am a sounding board for many friends and acquaintances.

I can usually be found: On the net. At my home. With my kids. Reading something. Watching CNBC TV18\News Channels. In the Gym.

I am scared: but I am not a coward.

I need: to keep growing, learning something new, taking care of my health and making sure Husband, Daughter and Son do the same. (read nagging)

I pass this tag to The Naive Indian, Imp's Mom , Aaarti, Kislay and Manpreet.


Anonymous said...

We have at least one hate in common. ;-)

Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
"Reclaiming Honor in Jordan"

Kislay said...

Thanks for passing me the tag . But I afraid I have no idea what am I supposed to do next . Am I supposed to write something about myself like you did ? Is it supposed to be personal ?

Indian Home Maker said...

Kislay This is one way to get to know fellow bloggers. You write about yourself, like I have done and if you wish you can tag four more bloggers. Tags are a lot of fun. You can click on Mandira's (she passed the tag to me)-it will give you an idea about the kind of answers others are writing, but best will be to just write what comes into your own mind.

Indian Home Maker said...

Ellen R Sheeley We need writers like you to bring the reality of these gruesome acts in the name of honor to us. For most of us it's unthinkable, it's still very rare in India, and only happens in the poorer/uneducated/rural areas. I hope this stops too. We can create awareness, the first step is always that. Thanks for doing what you are doing:)

Aaarti said...

Wow, nice tag.. loved this one, it happens to me too~~ :)
"I hear: Extra sharp. Can be a nuisance sometimes." lolz... :)

Indian Home Maker said...

Aarti I love loud music while dancing, but loud noises in the gym and at home annoy me.I have seen some people are just not bothered, because, I read in an article on Noise Pollution, they are mildly hard of hearing.

Krishna Aradhi said...

Whoa! This one's a bit difficult. I shall try to do the tag asap :)

Indian Home Maker said...

Krishna Aradhi It'll be fun, I am looking forward to reading it:)

Imp's Mom said...

lotsa similar things again :D

will be fun doing this tag :)

Anonymous said...

hey IH! i dont know ur pets, but from the pics i can say i love them too!!:)
kaju katli is a of the mithais i like...
not being regular is a sore spot for me as well...must i remind u of htat post i wrote about how much i dont gym?:P

and im sure ur dad gave u some of the best advice ever. parents are unbeleivable good at offering advice. im realising that about my parents as well.

Anonymous said...

The STOP HONORCIDE! campaign was launched on Mother's Day 2008. The goal of the campaign is to prosecute honorcides to the fullest extent of the law. We want honorcide to be classified as a hate crime and we advocate for every existing hate crime legislation to be amended to include honorcide.

Indian Home Maker said...

Muslims Against Sharia - Honoricide is a hate crime and should be classified as such, I hope you achieve success fast. It's nice to know there are people who feel the way I do, and are struggling for justice. My best wishes and prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your support!

Manpreet said...

IHM, thanks for the tag. I am honored and will be doing it asap.
Just fighting my own demons lately and not being myself.

Kislay said...

Well, I have responded to the tag .

chandni said...

I can't believe how much in common!

When I did the tag, I also mentioned the belief that if u really want something bad enough, you get it :)

Indian Home Maker said...

Kislay - Coming over to take a look:)

Indian Home Maker said...

Chandni Yes, isn't it amazing? I have seen this happen, to me and to many other people, I totally believe that it does happen. And when I read SECRET which talks about the same thing, I kept muttering that I always believed it anyway.

Manpreet said...

Did the Tag. Demons still stand, but life doesnt have to stop.
I put up a link to your blog from mine. Hope it is ok with you.