Monday, March 30, 2009

All's well that ends well.


How The Green Eyed Monster Died

My black eyes avoided Devi’s tearful brown ones.
Why are women so jealous? I wasn’t divorcing her dammit!
My friend, the wimp, passed her his handkerchief. He was a comfort, dropping in everyday. ..

I was right.

Women need babies to keep them occupied. All her tears disappeared when she saw our blue eyed twins.

Betrayal of the B.

My black eyes avoided Sally’s brown ones.

I looked straight ahead and drove. She snuggled closer. This wasn’t going to be easy.

We were on a lonely highway now. I stopped, opened the door, pushed her out and before I could change my mind, drove away.

I could see her running after the car.


When Harriet Met Sally

My black eyes had been avoiding Harriet’s tearful brown ones. I didn’t want to drive with blurry eyes. We missed her mom.

Then we saw her running on the highway. Was she mad!? Harriet screamed. I hadn’t hit her, but we stopped.

The vet gave her tranquilizers. She’ll be fine.

Harriet already is.

A literary work will be considered 55 Fiction if it has:

Fifty-five words or less (A non-negotiable rule)

A setting, One or more characters, Some conflict, and A resolution.

(Not limited to moral of the story)


hitch writer said...

nOW nOW.... You are getting hoooked.... by 55 !!!


the second one is toooo toooo cruel.... !!! it breaks my heart completely !!

The first one is super... !!

The last one is.. Awwwww.... !

WTG IHM !! yay yay m i first ?? to comment ?

Iya said...

u r on a roll IHM..looks like this is ur latest love!!!
i am dying to try my hand at this..but uff yeah work :(

Indian Home Maker said...

Yay You are the first one :)))

I am glad you liked them. And this time they are easier to understand I hope!

hitch writer said...

they arent easier to understand....

I am getting smarter.... !!! lol... !!!! ha ha

Winnie the poohi said...

Whoa! This is amazing all three of them.. though 2nd one is heart breaking!!

D said...

I found 'The Betrayal of the B' the best - most well-rounded and structured.

Aathira said...

2nd one is :( Felt very bad.
The short thing hits you hard!

Kislay said...

All (55) cylinders firing, eh ? :)

Smitha said...

IHM, You are certainly on a roll! 3 55ers in a row!!! Wow! Each one of them were amazing! More please!!

Varunavi said...

Lol enjoyed reading all of them.
2nd one is sad.....

Usha Pisharody said...

Each of them in its own way is gut wrenching:(

And you are getting to be too good at them!

Addicted too :)

Keep them coming; you'll have a wonderful collection in no time!

Pixie said...

Loved 'em all :D
Including the previous post!

the last one was totally cute! :)

Quirky Indian said...

IHM, you should consider doing a series of these. You have the gift! Nice ones.


Quirky Indian

D said...

Inspired enough to give it a shot over at my blog...

Indyeah said...

IHM such amazing 55ers!You have a gift..
and the second one was so so heartbreaking to read...gave me a shiver becasue as ahrd as I tried not to I could imagine how bereft our baby would feel without lonely and lost and heart broken..
we love her like crazy

I liked all three but the second one almost gave a physical pain ...

((((Hugs))because only you can write like this.,...with these ammazing messages which I really hope changes someone somewhere because words have so much power dont they?((((Hugs)))

I am still trying to get over the image the second one left in my mind...

Anonymous said...

Good going IHM, hooked on to 55 Fiction!

But u know what the funny thing is, you want to say so much but you've got only 55 words so what do you do??? Make 3 diff. 55 fiction stories :-D

Anonymous said...

I loved all three.. Isnt it fun? I agree with all, you are hooked and so are we!

Keep them coming!

Sandhya said...

Fiction? You are good this too?!! :-)
I am enjoying, bring them on.

Sara said...

This is a great idea, short and meaningful stories...loved all 3!!

Solilo said...

IHM, You are on a roll and actually excel in fiction. Try a long story sometimes. Would love to read it too. I am hooked.

BTW the title of 3rd one made me laugh.

R.K. said...

Betrayal of the B :)

Excellent "Literary Work" ;)

Hope to read more of them !!

aneesha said...

no more words in my vocab...

Piper .. said...

wow!! I love all of them, especially the 2nd one!! This is awesome stuff IHM!! :)

Biju Mathews said...

Bravo IHM. All of them are good and written well. What's with the eyes? :-) All three seems to have "eyes" :-)

Keep Blogging!

Indian Home Maker said...

hitch writer LOL Hey You can’t take all the credit ;)

Winnie the poohi
But the third one found Sally a home, so that is a big consolation, no?

D Thanks! But D I don’t know much about ‘structured’ and all, …this must have been purely by chance.

Aathira But the second one continues in the third one, Sally meets Harry, I mean Harriet : )

Kislay Love some of your kickass descriptions : )
“All (55) cylinders firing, eh ? :)”

Smitha Addicted … : )

Varunavi I realise that the 2nd one is sad.....
But it does happen! That is why I just had to add the third one… so it ended happily.

Usha Pisharody LOL Yes they are addictive! I have always envied and admired people who can say whatever they wish to without taking a long time or too many words, this will like trying to emulate them.

Pixie Glad you liked them : )

Quirky Indian Thanks, but they are so addictive you’d probably be taking back your words soon :)

D Isn’t this a lot of fun, and even a little addictive! LOVED yours!

Indyeah But it ended with her being adopted, so it is okay no? It broke my heart too, that is why I wrote the third one :)

Rakesh Lol Yes …but each story is complete in itself.
I didn’t want to leave the second one sad.

R.V they do allow us to say so much, though using words economically isn’t easy : )

Sandhya Thanks!

Sara Thanks!

Solilo You noticed!!!!!!!! It couldn’t be Harry because the brown eyes had to be hers not his – so When Harriet met Sally : )

R.K. Not my words in the description, copied the standard description : )
I was also amused to read "Literary Work" ;)

aneesha : ) That made me go wow : )

Piper .. Aww Thanks : )

Biju Mathews blue eyes, green eyes, black and brown eyes… started with trying to be not too subtle in the first story : )

Chrysalis said...

Liked them all. But LOVED "Betrayal of B". Its the best. Has a punch to it. Love it , love it love it.
Me a part of the 'bhed chaal' have just done a 55 word fic. Would love your feedback on it.

Ordinary Guy said...

IHM.... on a roll now..... :) keep it coming IHM as long as inspiration strikes.... :)

Swati said...

Lovely ! I attempted as well.

Chirag said...

Dude, me really liking the 55 thing. Reading 55 Fiction is a lot of fun :) even one sad story are nice. I'll also, do one now, definitely.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Loved the first one, 2nd one was sad.
Keep them coming, they are such fun to read.

Preeti said...

me loving them all ....second ones the best ...

I'll keep it as nice way to breakup tip ..:-P

Charakan said...

did not get the 2nd continues to 3rd at first.Now I understood.Anyway little easier than the last one.Or we are getting the hang of it right?

Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

The second one just about demonstrates what a 55-word fiction should be. Right upto the sting in the tail.

Which is not to say that the others were not good. But the second one was more good than then the others :)

Keep writing..

Poonam J said...

Wow.....No doubt you have mastered the art of the 55er...all said so beautifully. Loved them all.

Mama - Mia said...

great stuff IHM! i would never be able to do this! no imagination you see!

2nd one was wicked!



shail said...

Betrayal of B chokes me! :(

amit said...

All of them were super!!