Thursday, January 1, 2009

The First Morning of 2009 :)

My granddad used to say he couldn't understand the idea of dancing into the New Year and then beginning the first morning of the year getting over the fatigue (and hangover). So I always make an effort to get up early on the New Year's first morning.

Since the kids have no such memories, they slept, Husband also called from the other end of the world and wished and went off to sleep.

Gabbar Singh the Lab doesn't care what morning it is. He followed me to the kitchen and sat down eagerly wagging his tail for the most exciting event of the day. His morning bowl of milk! He is the most over enthusiastic creature I have seen :)

The cat also sits on the counter never stepping too close to the hot electric kettle.
The other dog is sleeping diagonally across my bed, like a turtle upside down. She only wakes up when the kids do.

Despite all kind of furniture rearrangements we are just not able to get wi-fi to reach till a favorite sofa in the living room, so I open some favorite blogs in fifteen or more tabs in Firefox and carry the lap top and a cup of Twinning's lemon flavored tea for an hour or two of peaceful blog reading. (It's still too early to wake up and wish any friends and family) ... I think that's a great way to begin a New Year Morning :)


dipali said...

What a wonderful way to start a brand new year!
All the best for a great year ahead:)

Indian Home Maker said...

Hi Dipali First comment! Thanks :)and wish you a smashing 2009 too :)

Trailblazer said...

Happy New Year IHM. May you have a wonderful 2009.

My respect for you as a blogger is unaffected, irrespective of our disagreements. :-)

Stay safe.

Indyeah said...

Happy New Year!:)I opened the post and saw a touching comment right there...thank you..:)and yes what a wonderful way to start a new year..!just reading this makes me cravea cup of Twinning's lemon flavored tea !off to hv some..:)

Anser Azim said...

Seems very happy familynucleus at home. Pray for its longevity. Whenever i visit your site i get stuck and stare for long on that cup of tea!! same dark color although never without sugar is always my cup of tea!! I hope its
not the lemon tea!!!

Homecooked said...

Hey IHM...wish you and your family a Happy New Year!!!

Goofy Mumma said...

Sounds like a great start to the year for you!! I wanted to do this, but failed. :(

Anonymous said...

I got my first comment of the year from you :-)
thanks and Happy New Year

Smitha said...

IHM, A really lovely way of startng the new year! Hope you have a lovely year ahead!

Indian Home Maker said...

Trailblazer We don't have any serious differences, I read your blog :) ... we want good political leaders, we find our media very irresponsible, but we value free press...
And if we all agreed on everything what will we blog about?
A Very Happy New Year to you too :)

Indian Home Maker said...

Indeah LOL I am addicted to a cup of morning tea :)

Anser Azim It's very mildly flavoured, very light tea. Strong tea early in the morning is not considered a good idea ... I too have to have sugar in my tea :)

homecooked Thank You:) A very Happy New Year to you and your family too :)

Goofy Mamma Mornings are lovely here at this time of the year ... hope to make it my own time before the day's routines begin ... :)

tearsndreams :) Hope to see a lot of you ... doing tags, 55 words stories, rhymes and serious rants in the coming year :)

Smitha Thank You, I look forward to seeing you continue looking for any excuse to write in 2009 :)

Usha Pisharody said...

It's that time of the morning I do so love... but rarely get to sit and sit, doing that, lol!

Sounds like a perfect way to start the New Year. Calm, comforting with all the things you value in life in and around you :) :)

May it ever be so :)

Thank you for the details of the moon/rising too. Shall double check the time and let you know. A lot of it is close, both ways, I mean Aqua and Pisces... so I had better check and let you know.

Spent the wee hours of the new year completing corrections, so there was no chance to even log on... and in the evening the modem refused to switch itself on, till the Younger one simply touched it.Lol. Was too late by then to do any work here!

Yours is the first blog in the new year I'm reading :) :) And I did find much comfort in it too. At this moment 3 and a half dogs [half because that one is just looking, not howling, :)] are clamouring for their eggs and milk, lol, so I shall stop right here, attend to them and get back!

Have a good year too!

Bones said...

A lovely way of starting the New Year...Happy New Year to you and your family!!!

Pixie said...

Lovely! what a fantastic way to start a morning! :)

Happy New Year to you and your lovely family! :)

Spontaneous Mini said...

Heyyyy!! IHM,


I got up early but lazed in bed and called everyone parents, in-laws, cousins etc.
One ritual that I follow is going to the temple and eating veggie food today.
Wanted to email you my greetings to you, instead posted it on my Blog.

Ajit said...

I second what Bones says:
A lovely way of starting the New Year...Happy New Year to you and your family!!!


Iya said...

hi. wish u a fantastic new year.. ur morning sounds so lovely specially to a night person like me...

hitch writer said...

Even I am the kind who doesnt drink, plus pappu can't dance saala !!! add to that this superstition that you wake up early on the first day of the year and the whole year will be a good year !!!!

I was up early toooo !!!!

Pinku said...

Hey IHM,

Hope you year turns out better than you plan.

Those few hours of peace early in the morning sound good....and almost utopian.

Love the thought of so many pets in the house...

I have to content myself with patting street dogs since working hours are too erratic for us to be able to get one.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I was up early too(but am no big diff- just another day;) ) :) and so was my son. So, we just spent the time enjoying each other's company :D
Happy new year to you! To more great posts from you so we can share our views & opinions! :)

Ritu said...

Now that was a wonderful beginning - have a fantastic 2009 IHM. I had to go to work sigh!!! No rest for the wicked and all that. My boss aka Mogambo is a great fan of working on the first day of New Year.

Varun said...

My dad would love this post. Because no matter what he loves to wake up early.

Happy New Year IHM!!

Devil Incarnate said...

Hmmm......kool, wt a way to start the 1st day of the yr, wish u a gr8 yr ahead :)

Deeps said...

It surely is,IHM...and how about getting yet another award to top it up on New Year?!Its in my page:)
Wish you and your family a fantastic year ahead!

Rakesh Vanamali said...

What a wonderful way to usher in the new year! I guess the best perquisite of getting up early is that one gets to breathe fresh air and also enjoys the silence which soon turns into unbearable din!

My wishes once again!

i am what i am said...

hi ihm. wishiing you a happy and safe new year.

Mama - Mia said...

and Happy New Year to you IHM! :)

may this year be filled with everything positive and happy!



Sara said...

Yeah, a cup of tea or coffee and the laptop..thats the greatest way to start any day!!Great blog..this is my first time here, but will be a regular.

Sara said...

A cup of tea/coffee and your favorite the right way to start any blog..will drop in regularly!!

Shilpa said...

I agree with ur grand dad.

I've always been told: every day of the year follows the pattern of the first day. So, if you are enthusiastic and energetic on the first, the same energy stays with you through out the year. And I believe that.

Happy new year.

naperville mom said...

Happy New Year! A great way to start a year, why not? For me/ us, Rustom Sr. cooked for the day (proper, with an apron an' all;-))and it sure was yummy...

priya said...

Nice n simple way to start the year IHM. Seems a lot more pleasing than the party hangover start to the year :)

liked ur blog. will be back to read up more of it.

have a gr8 2009.

@lankr1ta said...

Hi there! That was a lovely beginning.

Started the New Year with Cat Olympics- which have devolved into wild romping around the house chasing a friendship bracelet.
And had a lovely day watching Slumdog Millionaire( I liked the film) and eating a lot of interesting fried food.

Gauri Gharpure said...

a wonderful start, seems to me. ur family of dogs and cats makes the picture all the more comfortable.. :)

Charakan said...

Wish you a happy 2009 IHM.Hope we can read more and more brilliant posts and lively discussions in your blog. Reading 15 blogs...... May be that is the secret of your success. Jan 1 not a good day for docs.Pts sooo less.Every body superstitious and do not want to start the year in a Doc's Clinic.Good that there is only one New Year day a year.

moon's muse said...

dear IHM: a very happy new year to true,why should we spend the first day of the year getting over the last day's parents and everyone around told me we simply follow what we do on the first day of the year throughout.hope you had a nice January 1st :)!

vimmuuu said...

Wow,nice description !

Wish you the happiest year ahead !

Btw, did you really name your Lab. Gabbar Singh? Whats your cat named? Basanti? and the other dog? Ram Gopal Varma ?????

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one having 20+ tabs open at any time, lol.

Happy new year!

Manish Raj said...


I liked your way of starting new year. Wish you all the Best.

I have always made an effort to work as usual on 1st January.

Balvinder Singh said...

That was a lovely way to start the first day of the year. I always analyse the happenings of the first day of the year and then try to fit them into the whole year's template and expect the same pattern during the year. But during the course of time i forget what had happened on the first day. And then again the analysis of the first day of the next year and the cycle continues.

eve's lungs said...

An idyllic start to the year .You painted a lovely picture of your morning. All wishes for a wonderful year for you and your family ..

eve's lungs said...

What happened to my comment ? I loved the idyllic morning you had . Mine was such a jumble. Came by to wish you a happy new year !

my space said...

Happy New Year IHM... what a great start to the new year..i felt I had stepped inside your was so graphic!

Purva said...

my first visit to your blog...loved it!
my mom is a blogger too. m very proud of that. m sure your family is too :)

happy living

Reema said...

Oh u have got a cat?? Please post a pic of her!!

sunder said...

Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year...

Monika said...

ideal morning :) my morning was sleepy and with a hangover exactly the one ur grandfather couldnt see sense in and come to think of it i dont either :)

Anonymous said...

You dog is called Gabbar Singh?? LOL
And that was a perfect way to start the new Year!

Sahaja said...

I am too late here...haina? A very Happy New Year to you!!
And guess what? I love the way u write blogs, simple but with all details :D

And i felt a cool clamness and peace in the way u posted this so wish u have more mornings like this!!

Z@ki-R said...

I have prob!ms with yr cup oi= tea...((( ..b!ogs having big
images...taI<es too !ong to I)own!oai).....(s!ow I)ia!!up connection is to
b!ame).......too BAI) if some oi= your !aptops I<EYS are not worI<ing(((...anyway
...thnx ani) happy new year to you too. ..)))) ... may you mai<e more impact
2 reai) i a!!rei)y commentei) in other post!!!

Anonymous said...

Gabbar Singh!!Cool name ;-)

Where have you been lately..Seems like all bloggers are lazy since New Year..Atleast for me,its a bad lazy start ***sigh**8

Chirag said...

Now that's a dream morning fantasy. :) Gabbar Singh Ka Jawab nahi LOL.

Indian Home Maker said...

Usha Pisharody Thank You ... I think I am a morning and late night person :) About the moon sign etc - you are welcome and will be doing a post on Moon Signs soon.

Bones Thanks :) Same to you!

Pixie You too have a great 2009 :)

Spontaneous Mini I love to call everybody too and the New Year is a great excuse to get in touch with long lost friends ... and every year somebody we meant to call all year is called :)

Ajit Thanks ... yes it turned out to be a delightful morning!

Iya I am a late evening person too ... afternoons are the lazy time! [early morning and late evening person] :)

Hitchwriter I love dancing but don't drink even aerated drinks ... this year the kids had too much to do and we are alone so no going anywhere ...but it turned out to be as much (fun if not more) as dancing into the new year :)

Pinku We do the same thing! Street dogs need affection too :) Please scratch some necks and ears from my side too :)

myheadtrip What better way to spend a New Year morning!!!
Wish you both a great - fatabulous New year :)

Ritu LOL :) You have Mogambo, I have Gabbar Singh for company on the New Year morning :)

Varun Some people are Larks some are Owls, Larks like to wake up early and are at their energetic best in the morning, Owls are at their best at night!!

Devil Incarnate yes it turned out to be very nice .... :)

Deeps An Award on the New Year's Day means awards all year !!!!!
Thank YOU :)))

Rakesh Vanamali Yes I love that too, and if possible carry a camera and capture early morning birds and soft sunshine ...

I am what i am Thanks :) This new year also you will remain what you are :)

Abha Thanks :)

Sara WELCOME :) Look forward to seeing you here !!! Love the combination of tea/coffee & laptop :)

Shilpa Yes I agree it is great to begin a New Year on a positive and energetic note :)

napervile mom Wow!!! That sounds like a great way to begin a new year!

Priya Welcome to my blog :) Look forward to seeing a lot more of you!!

@lankrita I want to watch Slumdog Millionaire too... read great reviews! LOL @ Cat Oympics ... aren't they just adorable !!!

Gauri Gharpure LOL, Yes kids and cats and dogs make lively (though sometimes exhausting !) homes :)

Charakan LOL @ patients not wishing to see the doctor on the 1st day of the year :)
And I wish you the same in the new year. Let's all continue to interact and share our angst .. the blog has been a great place to know I am not alone worrying about what we are seeing happening to our country! Thank You.

Moon's Muse It does make you feel good to make a nice, positive beginning :)

Vimmuuu LOL The Cat is called Sher Khan and the other Dog is Mutt. But they both respond to many names. The best way to get any response is to mutter, "Chocolate!" as if you don't want them to hear it :)

Honeybeeluvsjackfruit Nice name!!!! I always open all the blogs I like and read them through the day, whenever there is time. It started when we had some internet problems and I had lots of time and no new blog posts to read all day !!

Manish Raj Yes it is just like waking up early in the morning and getting a few extra hours every morning ... a good start makes us feel good :)

Mr. Balvinder Singh hey I do that too! And then foget all about it LOL :) I know all mornings are not going to be so peaceful and relaxing :)

Eve's Lungs Thank You, it isn't everyday that we get such mornings, when we do, they are truly cherished :)

My Space Oh Thank You ... it was a lovely morning!

Purva Your Mom has a blog? What is it called, I would love to read it!!!

Reema You can see the mad cat

Sunder Thank You :)
Hope you have a smashing 2009 too :)

Monika Not all New Year Mornings are so good, though I try ... and it's just an excuse to do what I was dying to do on the New Year Morning :)

Mashed Musings Yeah and this Gabbar Singh is actually more like Veeru in character :)

Sahaja No you are not at all late :) I have been away from the internet and it was warmest thing to know I was not forgotten :)

Z@kir I will remove some of the gadgets, it isn't just the pictures, but all these Live Feed and all also... I have also noticed this new embedded commented has slowed the page loading time. Thanks for bringing this to notice :)

Nimmy Kids at home all day and no HW/assignments finished in time ... will be back soon!

Chirag Lol :) He says bow bow

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

You did all this ????? WOW !!