Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sibling Revelry

Tried watermarking with Picasa's latest update, love it :)

... and somewhere inside the house a silly teenager can be heard singing to the tune of Jamaican Farewell (The sibling's remarks added in bold.)

My heart is down,
My head is turning around
I have to leave a little cat
Everyday at home

But today is Sunday,
It's our funday
"Hehehe and I suspect,
my cat is gay ..."
"Oh please, he's not YOUR cat, anyway!"
Some love his eyes

Some love his nose,
Some love his bum,
Some his pink pink toes

He is a very cute cat with very big ears
And he'll stay with us for many many years

He has a long neck
Which he stretches like a bird,
And in his litter box
There is a piece of turd.
(yuck ... turd!)

Edited to add : The Dog is also entertained the same way.

And here 's the original song :)


Mampi said...

Watermarking experience sounds great. I gotta try it too.

and the cat song is so sweet. My love to both the innovators.

Usha Pisharody said...

Harry Belafonte!!

Wow!! It's like you took me down memory lane.. loved that song!!

Your kids are verrrry creative i must say... :) Get it from momma, I know:) Great post!!! A gay cat? and its bum... LOL!!!!

Sashu... said...

Ah! wonderfully creative!! GaY Cat! hehe..nicey nice! n thanks for the song!!

Ritu said...

LOL sounds like my family said...

nice song...and that water marking thing is SOOOOO COOL!! u guys are technologically SO much better than me!!

Indian Home Maker said...

@Mampi Yeah isn't Picassa cool!
I thought the song was so dumb it was funny .... will give them your love.

@Usha Pisharody The cat's a bumless bum :)
The original song has been censored, they forbade me from publishing it here :) There was more about err how the litter box stinks ...
Yes love Jamaican Farewell :)

@Sashu Gay only because it rhymes!

@Ritu Yes, I think it does!

@Mandira Opened Picassa and it offered to upgrade, absent mindedly clicked ok and they have a new look. You add text and your water mark is done. Not at all technologically savvy!
(Gmail has a new look too)

my space said...

gay cat!! Lol..u r grt wth tecnology..watermark and all..

Rhett said...

That was a lovely verse. I wish I could write that way. So, your cat really is that bee-yoo-tee-full? An d.... err... is there turd in his litter box?

Aneela Z said...

well not that I want to drum in stereotypes but with such a perfectly groomed coat, great sense of hygeine and esthetic sense...the cat could audition for a 'queer cat eye for the straight guy'.
Kala tikka please for the cat.

Gauri Gharpure said...

nice.. :) i loved the thing abt nose, bums and pink toes. so true!

Reema said...

Is that your cat? Its soo cute!

Deeps said...

lovely still humming it. Lovedd its parody by the sibling too!!
BTW,thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment.

The Quirky Indian said...

Cat, dog and two teenagers.....that sounds like a fun place! And then there's Belafonte. Sounds like a great Sunday to me.


Quirky Indian

Monika said...

ROFL.... me missing my sisters :)

and watermarking sounds good... will try my hands

@lankr1ta said...

What does the cat think?
I think he is an adorable cat

Miaow!!! said...

Oh, I love your cat..Your pics..And your blog too...
Found you at Shail's.
Will drop by again...

dipali said...

Such fun! Does the cat enjoy the serenade? And the dog?

Imp's Mom said...

hey i gotta try that watermarking thing too... and i love this song!! took me down memory lane :)

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Sahaja said...

U have a very creative way of putting fotogrpahs IHM! Awesome photo and very funny song!