Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Conversation

Son just got back from school.
IHM: So how was your day?
Son: Hm.
IHM: Good?
Son: Hm.
IHM:Did you hear the thunder today?
Son: Hmm?
There was loud thunder today, loud enough to frighten the cat into hiding under the comforter, where he later fell asleep. The dogs had barked restlessly maybe they worried it was Diwali time again. Well, nobody could have missed such a racket, so I asked,
IHM: Where were you when that thunder was heard?
Son: In school.
I laugh, Yeah I know, but where in school?
Son: In class.
Sees me amused,
Son: Oh! In the library.
IHM:Then what happened?
Son: It rained.


Monika said...

he he... these men and that includes the boys they dont the art of striking a conversation

Mampi said...

Interesting. The man in the making. That is why they say women use four times the vocabulary the men use, simply because they have to repeat everything to them.

Imp's Mom said...

lol...typical of a man or a teen...or both :)

Imp's Mom said...

and oh btw you are tagged and awarded :)

Anonymous said...

:) Men!! My son is almost already like this and he is not even 4!! GOK what he will be when he hits his teens!! :)

Priyanka said...

What a coincidence, it thundered just now just as I was reading this post :)

Indian Home Maker said...

@monika Sometimes he is a chatterbox, but yesterday was hilarious, saying only 'nothing' or 'hmm'!

@mampi Yes, yesterday he was definitely in a strong and silent mode LOL :)

Imp's Mom - He isn't always this reticent! He lingers over his food, talking about everything from who has crush on who to who scored more or less than him.

@myheadtrip And it isn't that he never talks, he does talk, and talk when he is the mood, yesterday was just so funny I thought I better record it.

@Priyanka I heart thunders :)

Mavin said...

How about this...(Daughter in this case)

Me - Hi whatz up
D2 - Nothing

Me - What are you doing?
D2 - Talking on the phone with you

Me - Ok....What were you doing before I called
D2 - Oh nothing just a little of this and that

Me - How was school today?
D2 - Like every other day

Me - Did you complete your assignment sheets
D2 - Speak to Mama - bye - love you and kiss kiss kiss....

This same kid spends an hour on the telephone or chat with her best pal.....

Indian Home Maker said...

@Mavin We are all laughing here! This was really sweet.
By the way, my kids' reaction to any inquiries about studies or assignments is the same :)

Usha Pisharody said...

a little beauty of an interaction! It takes huge effort, patience and a grim determination to get any more out of them!!!

But it gets a little better, a little later, I think. My kids now talk, like talk, to me :D! The Elder misses me, I hope, wherever he is, and that is why he does, and the younger because, otherwise he'd have to listen to me endlessly... lol!!!