Thursday, August 28, 2008

And the Oscar..err Brilliant Weblog Award goes to..

Thanks Mad Momma, Pinku, and Mandira for the Brilliant Weblog Award. I am honored!
I have the opportunity to pass it on to other bloggers and I do that with great pleasure.

I give the Brilliant Weblog Award to some of my favorite bloggers (in random order).

1. Thought Room who writes the kind of post that always make me think ..and often re-think my thoughts :)

2. 1conoclast for his passion and his love for peace and justice, and his unbiased write ups.

I would have passed it to Chandni for her joie de vivre and her 'causes to champion' but she's already got it!
Roop who started a brilliant blog Unchahi, to create awareness about female foeticide has already received the award from Neeta; D too has also received it from Chandni.
Would have given it to Dipali and Manpreet (just checked they have received it from Mandira, along with me).

3. @lankrita for giving me the arguments I needed so badly to defend feminism, love her clarity of thought.

4. Unmana for her brilliant, brief and effective posts.

5. Imp's Mom for the way she expresses her love for her Imp and for her courage and convictions.

6. Nimmy for courageous and sensitive blogging about Islam.

7. Krishna Aradhi the not so Naive Indian. You'd never guess he is only 21 years old!

8. Kislay Chandra for his hard hitting, thought provoking write ups.


Unmana said...

Only my brief ones, eh?
I'm honoured. Thank you!

Anonymous said...


***wakes up blinking my eyes***

I just started being a bloggy and I had always been craving for words of appreciation..I had seen on other blogs,displaying their awards proudly..Oh,thank you so much dear..I am sounding silly by over reacting,but I must say that you made me feel very good..not mianly by the award,but words of concren and appreciation..Afterall,appreciation is the most priceless gift that can be given freely..So,thanks,..thank you so much..Im proud of being in your dear-list..Good day:)

(secret)-tell me how to display it in my blog..I wanna do it soon;-)

Indian Home Maker said...

Unmana LOL , no...I had the recent ones like today's in mind while writing that :) Sometimes you say much in very little words, I am never able to do that!

Indian Home Maker said...

nimis540 One way would be to save the image on your computer and upload it, another is to copy & paste the html code.

@lankr1ta said...

Thank you!

Thought Room said...

Congrats on the award. You choose such interesting topics to write on so beautifully. Hope to see you get more awards, as well as more inspirations to write about.

Thank you, for your generous presentation. It is very nice to get an award, but better still is the comment you wrote along with the presentation. It warms my heart that you find what I ramble about interesting. I can’t seem to make any one in my family give it more than a glance once in a while.

Anonymous said...

ah y'all are gonna shame me into doing this brilliant blog thing ... i've been avoiding it so far ... resisting .... promising me that i wont do it ... but but but but ... ahh ..... i might have to do it. :)

thank you very much for the mention, darl. u deserved the accolades that you got. love the passion taht you write with.

Kislay said...

I am more than honoured ! WOW ! Thanks a lot .

D said...

Wonderful! Way to go girl!

Pinku said... u have given me a list of interesting blogs to visit... :)

chandni said...

thanks for the mention any way :)

1conoclast said...


When I started my blog & called it Opinionated, I never thought my opinions would be found interesting by anyone else. To get an award for merely expressing my opinions is beyond my wildest dreams!

Thank you very much. This feels really good.

Oscar like speech na?

Anonymous said...

yay!!!! congrats IH!!!u've got a great blog n u totally deserve it!!

Mampi said...

Congrats IHM, I should have congratulated you first-upon discovering you got it from Mandy. I am so honored you mentioned that I was in your mind about whom you would want to award.

Keep up the good work on your blog and Life.

Nita said...

thanks for mentioning me!

Imp's Mom said...

congrats and thank you lady for thinking of me...

Rohini said...

Beautiful! I've become a fan of urs! :)