Tuesday, January 8, 2008

About Me... till Feb 24 2009

The general opinion is that Indian homemakers are a typical kind of women who love to watch 'saas bahu' serials, they compare their school going kids' Report Cards at School Bus Stops and they buy shares & clothes in their free time. They have no free time when they have 'bad maid days'. Then there are those who leave their kids with the maids and go shopping for clothes that will make them look a little thinner. These are the more interesting ones,they probably spend their long suffering husbands' hard earned money in shopping malls, jewelery stores and the stock market. The first kind are frequently seen in Saffola, Ariel and Bournvita ads. I think one might find the second kind in cheap soaps on TV (With names starting with K?). Since there is no typical Indian Home Maker you'll find shades of 'all kinds' in my blog. Have fun :)


Chirag said...

brilliant, i always, like reading what people write initially on there blog :) and you were always awesome :) and I guess, this post is expired and you need to update this :)

Indian Home Maker said...

Wow but how did you find this?? Through the brand new Search engine??? It is working!
And no comments on equal property rights post Chirag!

This was 'About me' - I removed it from the profile and posted it here ... to keep it somewhere. Yes it is difficult to imagine how your blog will go, I had thought mine will be only daily updates of everyday life! Lighthearted gossip and some women's issue also perhaps ... I guess it is still that.. no?

Indian Home Maker said...

Update? How? ...?

Chirag said...

@equal property rights post Chirag!
Have a lot to say' a bit tied up in the work was in conference whole day.

I didn't search it, I clicked your archives and came here. :)

@Update: Arre, the title says' till, Feb 24, 09' which I am assuming is your birthday :)