Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Dog's Vocabulary

Do you want a biscuit?
A cake?
Water? You want to go down?
Get down!
Come. Go. Sit. Run! Catch! Jump!
You want to go out and eat grass?
Go sleep in your own bed!
Good boy.
Bad boy!
No we don't run after cats!
Papa. Mamma. All familar dogs, cats, and human names.
Where's your leash?
Find your bone!
Where's your ball?
Gabbar Singh find Sher Khan..where's Sher Khan?
Go out in the balcony.
Medicine. Vet.
Water. Food. Pedigree. Biscuit. Royal Canine.
You want milk?
Where's your bowl?
Do your job!
Where's your collar?
It's hot!
You want the AC on?
Any sound of the biscuit tin opening. A chocolate wrapper anywhere.
Go sit in window!
Look Devil's outside! (The neighbour's dog)
Stop barking!
Now sleep.
Where's your quilt?
Who tore this newspaper?
Go get the newspaper!
Shake hands:)
Pillow. Table. Kitchen.
Fetch. Bark. Quiet!
"Aww you missed me!"

She is an old friend. The baby is a Dalmation
, a fast growing, unwanted, unwelcome pup.
She says she is not fond of dogs, but is beginning to like hers just a little.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why, even the most Indian desi family will speak to their Dogs in English???

No no, not commenting on you, talking about every person in India. Everyone, no matter how they do not know English will call their dog as "Come, come"...

Kislay said...

Nice . :) And now you made me miss mine , which is about 2500 kms away from me . :(

Indian Home Maker said...

@Kislay Hey you must post about your dog 2500 kms away! How old? A family dog or particularly fond of you ...? The last post was not about my dog, it was about a friend who hates dogs!

@Rakesh True! Even the names are always English names! But one of our dogs knows "Khaali bas" meaning 'sit down' in Marathi, and my maid has also taught them, 'doodh pahije tula' (do you want milk) :)

Aathira said...

@Rakesh - Interesting! I also talk to my cats and dogs in English, Malayalam and Hindi! So they are quit multilingual! ;)

Indyeah said...

aww....IHM what a vocab:D
and a dalmatian?:))my baby too is a dal..
How can she not fall in love?They understand everything..:)
actually all dogs and animals rather do dont they?:)
..all of them are beautiful and lovable..

LOL@devils outside:D


lemme go and hug my baby now:)mine is multilingual too

she understands tamatar,khaana,anda:D
we resorted to saying egg ,now she understands that too ,so wont believe this...:D
we now say

lol!!I swear!and the brat looks like shes trying to understand this too!

Surbhi said...

Hey he sounds like a cute pup. BTW, i tagged you. Visit

Biju Mathews said...

Ha ha. This post was good!

"..Gabbar Singh find Sher Khan..where's Sher Khan?.." :-) :-)

Keep Blogging!

shail said...

What a cute post! Made me smile.
@Rakesh Besides Malayalam and English, my dog also knows a unique language made up by me to converse with her. :D

Reema said...

U should put a search button in ur blog.

Reema said...

How can one link to any of your posts if u dont put a category or tags or search widget?? :(

Indian Home Maker said...

@Reema -you can look for older blog posts from the search button on top left... or do you mena a google search button ... ??

Indian Home Maker said...

You can find the url for each post by clicking on the post name, it will open on it's page with it's own url...

Aaarti said...

Awwww, aint the pup a cutie pie..

i talk to Floppy in all languages.. some even i dont understand, but he looks at me like he understands every single word!!! Dogs are the most absolutely wonderful mates!! :)

Now put up a pic of the baby plsss...
woof woof
scratch scratch....;)

Mavin said...

Hahahahaha.......the eternal travails / (pleasures)of looking after a young one (two / four legged)

Piper .. said...

your posts always make me smile :)

dinu said...

nice one :D this is called creative thinking

Aneela Z said...

rakesh and IHM: well with our family we speak to animals and babies (as in babies in general..ours and others) in Puhsto...which led to our neighbour's kids telling their parents when I was born "the family that moved next door, uncle aunty are pushto speaking, the baby is also pathan and EVEN the dog only speaks pushto".
I do the same with animals and babies ..which led to a friend asking me how can you tell if the cat is pathan?

Usha Pisharody said...

@Rakesh.. my dogs know more malayalam, a smattering of English, and most of it is the language that Shail has mentioned!

@IHM.. biscuit tin opening; neighbours dog outside; Find sher khan [here its find malu :)]; NO; Waittttttt!!

Oh how I loved this one!!!!

@lankr1ta said...

It really doe snot matter what language one speaks t dogs in. They understand the tone, and though it what you want to tell them or speak to them. They are pretty clever.
How can a Dalmatian be unwelcome and unwanted? How can any puppy or cuddly thing? Some people have good dogs wasted on them( sighs in exasperation) now if only we had a large house....

Maya said...

my dogs name is naggi, its dervied from nanga when he was young he used to look as if he is naked so my sister used to call him naggi.

my sister has special language to talk with dogs its kind of hybrid of gujarati. well we dont talk with him in english but in malayalam or hindi i guess because he is a street dog he wont understand english. we have a whole lot of street dogs who always come in and out of house at their will, our house is kind of pilgrimage for them they bring their other friends and also sometimes stranded puppies find their way into our home.

Usha Pisharody said...

@ Maya, that is so wonderful, that your home is a place that all of those dogs can come for care and comfort! Kudos to you and your family!

But well, they do pick up any language at all... no matter where they come from :) Two of mine are the breed you mention. It began with an abandoned pup outside our home, and she had a litter of 7 pups, 6 of whom I personally placed in loving homes, and whom I do keep track of :) The eldest of the lot, is my baby too, and he lives with us :) So the mother and son still bond so well, it's abs. amazing to watch :)

amit said...

I am missing a dog in my life!

Chirag said...

Well if she's beginning to like hers just a little, pup will grow over her :) they love and affections is infectious.

odzer said...

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