Tuesday, February 17, 2009

All it takes to know a person!

Goofy Mamma tagged me write twentyfive things you were bettter off not knowing about me :)

This sounds like a lot of fun!

First the rules -
Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

  1. I am non-confrontational. Even when I write posts that I know are controversial. I keep worrying till the last moment. And after publishing I dread the first comments .... But I can't NOT publish such posts.
  2. I can never hate any animal. Not even snakes or pigs. In fact I love them more because they are hated for no fault of theirs, and they cannot even speak for themselves. I have picked up many snakes, and seen many being smoked out of their habitat and killed ... often non-poisonous ones.
  3. I believe in the power of tolerance- really and truly. I think if we stop being tolerant the world will end.
  4. I have nursed back to life many cats and kittens. Including our Sher Khan. And I have found they understand much more than we give them credit for and they love you right back :)
  5. Sometimes I go out of my way to say things that will shock people .. like telling a narrow minded relative or friend something to scandalize her/him. It isn't entirely light hearted, there is always that hope that maybe they will change their mind if we start a discussion and they heard the other side of the story...
  6. I love sketching and painting. I can make my own portrait without looking in the mirror. That's the height of vanity?! (or the only model available with enough free time?)
  7. I think I am tactful, but occasionally am told I am not ... this puzzles me, because I do try ....
  8. I love clothes... but live in comfortable shorts, track bottoms or jeans. And sports shoes - no high heels.
  9. I have a great bunch of wonderful life long friends, sometimes we have been out of touch for years, and then we meet again like we were together all this time ... and now technology makes it easier.
  10. But I have hardly ever had friends who walk in and out of each others houses, without calling first ...
  11. I don't dislike people for how they dress or how rich or poor or educated they are - (though communication skills count) ... I have a zero sense of social hierarchy .. . but I can never like someone who can kick a dog.
  12. If my house was on fire and all the family and pets were safe, I would pick my laptop while running out ... what will you pick?
  13. I am a good listener, I also love to talk. I love long conversations, discussions, debates... I can even chat with tele marketing guys.
  14. In class 2, our Hindi teacher caught me reading Champak in class and snatched it, I later saw her son, in the same class reading it, I still have not forgotten or forgiven her :)
  15. I used to tell a story a day to my siblings, and they could be blackmailed for those stories, they were easy to please too. But today I can' t make stories like the Ordinary Indian can... :)
  16. I am suspicious of people who discuss other people's personal lives.
  17. Am super paranoid about my privacy.
  18. I am a party person, and ... I can never not dance if the music is even reasonably good. I am not a good dancer, but we have won prizes for being the first on the floor. Including one, a month before my daughter was born :)
  19. I once helped organise a fashion show competition in college - I made so many posters and got friends to put them in their colleges too ... all over the city, the college was eventually over crowded and they feared a riot like situation ... some of the participants backed out. So I know sometimes too much publicity can be bad too.
  20. I wanted to start a Newsletter of my own, I had even spoken to a printer to see how could the paper be self supporting ... I had named it 'The Missing Link'. It remains on some CD somewhere.
  21. I can't eat when I am stressed or unhappy.
  22. I am not a foodie. I eat only when hungry and forget eating if preoccupied...
  23. I am cautious.
  24. I pestered the, teachers to participate in every activity in school and in class VI I had the grand role of Green Pea I had to stand behind the King Mango and hold a broom like fan - no dialogues, no movements but I got a new green overall made just for that role :)
  25. I don't generally lie ... though I feel it is okay to lie sometimes, I don't ... my Mom thought I would have a tough time surviving in this 'wicked' world, but I manage fine.

Some blogs tell us a lot about the bloggers, some tell us nothing much! I would love to know 25 facts, goals, habits or random things about these bloggers whose blogs seem to tell nothing much about themselves:)

Chirag, Anrosh, Nimmy, Kaafir (only a commenter), Charakan, 1conoclast, Quirky Indian, Shilpa, Vikas Gupta, Bones, Chikki, Trailblazer, Surbhi, Biju Mathews, Usha Pisharody, Mashed Musings, Smitha and RV.

And then I think it would be great to read what their lists will contain! Although they (like me) have blogs that tell us a lot more about themselves ...
Indyeah, Solilo, D, Pixie, Shail, Mampi, Rakesh, Pinku, Dhiren, Smita, Mandira and Sahaja.

(Will link now, one at a time ...)


Winnie the poohi said...

Interesting :D

I am non confrontational too.. I almost never post controversial posts!

And I love all animals.. eventhough a cockroach can freak me out.. I hate killing it erm..


hitch writer said...

Lol... I just finished one tag with 10 songs of two languages... !!! and now i am onto this one...

I think i ll do this one tooo ...!!!!

I loved the fact that you have so much compassion for animals, I really think we humans need to treat them with a lot more compassion.

Because we use the tongue and the thumb smartly we evolved, in the process we stopped the evolution of all these animals and have now brought them to extinction ....!!!

Forgive your teacher... a lot of water has flown through !!!

I cant believe you dread your first comments ... lol

Wish i could forget eating !!! tsk tsk

Anonymous said...

I loved the part about green pea.. It was just like me..I had to be a part of everything.. No matter how big or small. I just had to participate!!

http://lifealame.blogspot.com/2009/02/25-things-you-didnt-know-about-me.html >>> Here's my tag..Did it a couple of days back :D

Usha Pisharody said...

Love u all the more :)

A faint mirror image is what I perceive, so I shall copy paste this with a bit of editing :D :D!!

Lol@ the green pea, holding the broom :) Delectable too!

And bravo for blazing the dance floor a month before the baby. Tell me, does she [or is it he??] have toes that tap too?? :)

Indian Home Maker said...

@Winnie the pooh We get these tablets made up of Boric Powder - just leave them in all corners and cockroaches run away, I have been using these for years, and never need to kill cockroaches.

@Hitchwriter 'Dread first comments' only when I fear here will be angry arguements ....

@RV Rushing to your blog ... But they need some students like this also :)

@Usha Pisharody Looking eagerly forward to 25 ways to know you better!
I did all sort of stuff in the hope of influencing the baby, but nothing really worked! She enjoys dancing but isn't seriously enthusiastic about it.

Quirky Indian said...

Wow, 25 facts. I am impressed, IHM. Especially since I can't think of one interesting or distinguishing fact about myself. Borrrrriiing, that's me. And thanks for the tag. I am seriously behind schedule as far as tags are concerned - I now have 3 to complete. But I'll give them all a shot soon! :-)


Quirky Indian

Anonymous said...

I guess, you reveal a lot of your personality in your posts so this one wasn't really new except these few, he he...

I am non-confrontational??? Controversial, certainly...

I think I am tactful, but occasionally am told I am not? Again I'm telling you, you're not. You call a spade a spade, how can that be tactful.

I made so many posters and got friends to put them in their colleges too ... all over the city - I can so believe this looking at your zeal for things.

Btw, GM tagged me earlier as well, I'm in the middle of that post. And you've linked a post of mine which I'd written years back :(

Kislay said...

It says - twenty five things you were better off not knowing about me . But there is nothing here that makes me feel like that . I feel cheated ;) . What about something wild and crazy you did ? And you will run out with your laptop , huh . Interesting . :)

i am what i am said...

looks like everyone is getting tagged with this. loved your post. i did one a couple of days back: 25 random things about me on my blog.

wisegirl said...

Somehow i knew you were an animal person!

Anonymous said...

Read your 25! You are an interesting person.

I guess this is my third comment on this blog though I am subscribed to this blog since some 40 days.

Thank you for tagging me (Nimmi too has tagged me). Please tell me how much time do I have to do it?! I am running short of time presently. Also, I am a new kid on the block and I don't know 25 people whom I can tag!

I am confused on the rules! I did not understand this part: "To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the application)." Is this some explanation meant for blogspot users?! The rules also say I have to tag the person who tagged me which is you!

I think I've to do it as a blog post like you, isn't it?! Or do I have to submit it here to you?

Indian Home Maker said...

@Quirky Indian :) I hope you do it ... :)

@ I am what I am I will come over and see what 25 facts describe you best ...:)

@Wisegirl How did you know!!

@Kislay ROTFL!! Please don't feel cheated!! Creating a riot like situation is not crazy enough?

@Rakesh I corrected the error, linked it to your new post.
Maybe I confuse frankness with rudeness? And tact with politeness?
... I only touch controversial subjects when I feel strongly about them, if I had my way, I would only write fun posts ... but what with ..

Indian Home Maker said...

@Vikas Gupta You just write a post describing 25 facts about yourself, and no need to tag the tagger i.e. me ...
All that even I didn't understand.

A lot of cheating goes on while doing these tags, you can make it interesting with pictures, music, anecdotes, or simply make a list, and you can more or less people also ... basically tags are a great way to get to know other bloggers :)

Shilpa said...

Wow i have been tagged! (assuming the Shilpa in the tag list was me!) I did do a similar one but that doesnt really say who I am. Will try to do this and be candid!

Reema said...

Are u a Saggi?

Pixie said...

Oh Wow! me tagged! :P
I had mentioned at Ritu's place too that I will take this tag up... now, will do it soon :)

Very nice to know so much more about you too!

Indyeah said...

IHM!IHM!IHM!((hugs)))I have so much to say..:))...guests over.. dinner going on...laptop on...me peeking in from time to time....reading your post in tiny lil bits...why do we have guests today?:(...the most interesting post yet and I am not able to read it at leisure...but I will be back...much love..((hugs))

Angel's Flight said...

Interesting list...I did one recently in facebook...but urs is way more interesting!

vishesh said...

nice knowing more about you :)

Indian Home Maker said...

@Shilpa Yes it's you, I will link it soon, this comp has become painfully slow, I deleted a whole lot of videos and photographs but it's still becoming very hot and very slow ...

@Reema Sounds like a Sagittarius???
Not sure, my Mom insists my time of birth is correct, if I was born around 45 minutes earlier I would have been a Sagittarius ascendant :)
I have often wondered myself, since my dad and husband are both Sagittarius ... do I sound like a Capricorn ascendant to you??

Indian Home Maker said...

@Pixie Yes and I am dying to read what you have to say about yourself!

@Indyeah Not to worry, take your own time :)

@Angel's Flight Please, post it as a post on blog, it will be great fun to read!!

@Vishesh Thanks You ... I am coming over to read your ... If song :)

Anonymous said...

I love sketching and painting. I can make my own portrait without looking in the miror.

That's not the height of vanity ... that's the height of talent, IHM!

that's excellent! I am so impressed. :)

love how u love animals and are passionate about anything that's close to ur heart. :)

Indyeah said...

This aint a comment its a letter to a special person:)

‘’I am non-confrontational. Even when I write posts that I know are controversial. I keep worrying till the last moment. And after publishing I dread the first comments .... But I can't NOT publish such posts.’’
Aww…I know..I know..((hugs))But you do fine..infact you do better than fine..:)you ROCK!!

I can never hate any animal.:)I know IHM:)believe me it comes across...:) I have picked up many snakes,You have guts:)

Tolerance* sigh*A much abused word…:( we need more of it today than ever before..

Sher Khan…awwww.:)just the story of Sher khan makes me want to have a cat now and in a year or two you will see me getting one:)

‘’Sometimes I go out of my way to say things that will shock people .. like telling a narrow minded relative or friend something to scandalize her/him.’’
LOL!!:D.. can’t imagine you doing that though..:D

‘’I love sketching and painting.’’:)me too:)
I can make my own portrait without looking in the miror. That's the height of vanity?! (or the only model available with enough free time?)
NO…!!that’s sheer genius..not many people can do that.. seriously….go ahead ask around..that’s a unique gift:)
I think I am tactful, but occasionally am told I am not ... this puzzles me, because I do try ..…..awww…I can understand the dilemna..:)coz that’s my ma too:)
Clothes ditto:)
Friends ditto:)
Though do have friends who walk in and out:)

‘’but I can never like someone who can kick a dog’’…
Oh IHM!!that’s the truth everyone should know and live by…..Never ever trust someone who is not kind to animals..never!I knew you would be a firm believer!:)

LOL!!laptop?? hmmm…let me think…of what a field day a psychologist would have with that one:D…LOL!
Good listener…I do believe that:)((hugs))but’’I can even chat with tele marketing guys.’’LOL!!IHM!you are so darn cute!!

‘’I still have not forgotten or forgiven her :)’’*gasp*she dared to steal your champak??from a class 2 kid??her heart will never be at peace…that cruella de ville..:D

they could be blackmailed for stories?:D then they must have been good…trust me they are good now too….the way you let us take a peep or two inside your house..the way you weave magic with words..and that feeling of warmth..(still remember the sher khan story and the technology one of two sisters..:))though OG of course has the gift..:D

‘’I am suspicious of people who discuss other people's personal lives’’..me too..you know also who is lately the object of that suspicion:D

Am super paranoid about my privacy.’’why?:)paranoid is A OK…:)super paranoid not so much:)(though you are exaggerating aren’t you?:))

‘a month before my daughter was born :)’’awww…..that is the sweetest most cutest thing I have ever heard..:)I have two left feet..so rarely dance…or maybe too self conscious..:D..cant dance for nuts…

the college was eventually over crowded and they feared a riot like situation ..’’…hehe!heh!why is that not hard to believe knowing your passion and zest for things that you pick up?:)

newsletter…can still do it..:)search for the cd no?:)

I can't eat when I am stressed or unhappy.
I am not a foodie. I eat only when hungry and forget eating if preoccupied...

…..and considering what a blog addict you (and all of us) are..you must be then preoccupied most of the time:)eat…go on eat..:)

LOL!! at pea….:P…so darn cute…you have apic?:D heh!heh!share your talent with the world..:Dplss no?:D

I can cheat a lie o meter..:D..and I tell fibs left right and centre(but family and close pals always come to know)..D..only good ones though so that ppl don’t get hurt…I am not an advocate of brutal honesty…
But I can so believe that you cant …it shines through in your words..:)((hugs))

I have absolutely loved…loved reading this IHM:)..and even considering my tendency to ramble this is a long reply…but the words came easy for you coz…you are special and it was a wonderful glimpse of you..:)
((hugs))and love..:)

yeah I type real fast:P)that and the guest are having after dinner conversation..I am left alone:D

churningthewordmill.wordpress.com said...

interesting tag...but will require time..to think and put it all down... wil do it soonieee!
found some common stuff here... the non-foodie bit...and the animal loving bit( im more restricted about the love i spread..so keep snakes,lizards,reptile out of my list please. add as many dogs as u like tho!)
i learnt paiting as a kid... nvr practiced enough..now im terrible...but i still find it de stressing.. if u can sketch human faces, u are REALLY good!

vimmuuu said...

Phew! That was one list ! Point 21 and 22 convey the same message, dont they ? Point 17, very true. Btw, whts your name ? LOL :D

vimmuuu said...

Phew! That was one list ! Point 21 and 22 convey the same message, dont they ? Point 17, very true. Btw, whts your name ? LOL :D

Indian Home Maker said...

@Roop No not really talented can't make anybody else's face ... and it is all for fun, also have a lot of half done paintings in the loft somewhere ... :)

@Mandira I am looking forward to reading this from you ...
From your posts I know you are nice to animals ... and of course, it's okay to keep away from snakes/reptiles, I just feel very bad when they are treated cruelly. Or killed, or their teeth taken out ...
Yeah for me also sketching is more of a de-stresser, but now with blogging there is no time :)

Indian Home Maker said...

@Vimmuuu That's really funny :)))

LOL Yes, let me correct that error ... mm I will have to think of something else to add there?

Indian Home Maker said...

@Indyeah You also have to do this tag, I am looking forward to reading it!

Picking non poisonous snakes is okay, not that we should, I think they should be left alone.

‘’Sometimes I go out of my way to say things that will shock people .. like telling a narrow minded relative or friend something to scandalize her/him.’’
LOL!!:D.. can’t imagine you doing that though..:D

Like telling someone my husband is trying a new recipe :)

About The Missing Link, isn't blogging much more fun Indyeah? You also get to read what others have written :)

Yes I have heard that one, and it is true, anybody who shows cruelty to an animal or to a child is an absolutely avoidable person.

Ajit said...

Interesting IHM.... :)
But i think i know you better by just reading your blog... LOL :)

Reema said...

Oh all that animal love and unintentionally untactful is definitely Saggi effect.

Goofy Mumma said...

Oh my! I am so late to comment. You non confrontational too?? hehehehe. Lets form a club really!
#5 - Cool, I do it too sometimes, when i have just had enough!!
You sketch that well!! wow.
privacy paranoia - ditto!!

Loved reading this,and knowing you some more IHM. High five!

Solilo said...

This is not done IHM. Most of the things I already knew about you. Give us something WILD WILD. :))))

How about you start your newspaper now? Chalo missing link se bhi acha this blogging is.

You read Champak? Me too. Champak, Chandamama, Nandan...

You are a good listener. I know that IHM and I am sure most people who know you know that too. This is good side of you. Give me quirky side LOL

Goofy Mumma tagged me too for the same. I will do it for sure but then that will reveal all weirdness about me.

Solilo said...

BTW show us some sketches IHM. That is sheer talent. I am glad I know that now.

Hugs always..

Anonymous said...

LOL on the 'Champak'. Yeah , there are somethings we can never ever forget or forgive!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I also second what Vimmu has asked... what is your real name, IHM?

Pixie said...

Really?! :P

There, its done! :)

Varunavi said...

Read ur post yesterday, but was not able to comment,came back today to comment.
Eagar to see ur sketches.Pls do a post to show what u draw.

"I don't generally lie ... though I feel it is okay to lie sometimes," My mom always says this to us.
"If my house was on fire and all the family and pets were safe, I would pick my laptop while running out ... what will you pick?
I will pick up my laptop,my mobile and most imp my passport to come back.
Cheers to u and awating for many more interesting post from you.

Anonymous said...

Hello Indian Home Maker,

I may take some time (probably a long time) before I actually do this tag (Nimmi has also tagged me). Don't mind.

But I will not really disappoint you and you may meanwhile read a list of my follies.

Thanks. :)

Rhett said...

These were quite random, nevertheless, enjoyed :)

D said...

Not too much similar stuff between us IHM, on this list at least. Perhpas that's what attracts us to each other's blogs ;)

Chirag said...

@I have picked up many snakes - Well this is realy sacry though, but I know whom to call for help I am chicken whne it comes to reptiles.
@that will shock people : Oh, cheers, some how my sarcasm is always on when talking to narrow minded folsk. and I say to my seld 'Chirag, stop juding people" and them the next voice says "Ahh, f**k it, do what you want"
@I think I am tactful : LOL
@Clothes: Oh, I hate them. A jeans and T. That's all.
@Good listener: but its a curse too, sometime you just want to sleep and people want to talk talk talk, as they know you will listener
@Newsletter : Way to go, do it. You mean paper one right? let me know if I can help with design, will be fun :)

I will definitely take this tag, but will take some time middle of a deal. BTW, it was nice knowing you IHM.

Mama - Mia said...

That made a fun read IHM! :) some of it was evident from your blog other absolutely not!

ofcos unlike you i am a part of live to eat gang! and it shows! :p



hitch writer said...

hey i completed the tag !

Monika said...

very intersting IHM... GM had tagged me and did that too

i bow to ur love of animals... great

#5 - i do that too at times

and i agree i hate people who kick dogs... i cant imagine how people cant love dogs :)

if i have to run away... i think i will pick my cellphone

u were dancing one month before ur daughter was born...gosh...BTW i love dancing too

Indian Home Maker said...

@Ajit We do learn so much about people through their blogs!!! That's the fun of blogging ... did you read you are mentioned in one of the points :)

@Reema I also feel this ... maybe there is some error in the time of birth, because even honesty, love of camping, lots of hobbies, interest in astrology etc are all Sagi traits!

@Goofy Mamma LOL @joining the club :)
I copy pasted many of my goofy tagger's points - but only those which I really could relate to :)
I am glad you liked it, it was a great tag :)
I am only okay at sketching ... made me-self sound very good here, not really that good :(

@Solilo LOL You want me to write something Wild and Quirky about me :))I am trying hard to think, no.. no can't think of anything, let me read your tag and get some interesting ideas :)

And we also read PARAG .. which I liked the best :) Chandamama was forbidden because once some ghost story frightened us! I have no idea if these are available anymore.

@writerzblock Actually it's forgotten now ... but I can't stand people bullying kids, even if the kids was me :)

@Pixie Coming over to read it :)

@Varunavi Just saw your videos, (the lack of discipline here, in between responding to comments.. took a peek at your blog)... my sketches aren't anything great ..:( I had to write something so I wrote that, more like enjoy doing something than be really talented :)

@Abha I try to eat healthy but am terribly indisciplined ... spend too much time on the comp, too little outdoors, and then eat anything when really hungry .. too little fruit! As unhealthy as it gets, hence join the gym and that also most irregular :(

Indian Home Maker said...

@Chirag ROTFL No !!! I will join you and add some shrieking to the commotion ...:(
Didn't mean I am not afraid ... I only picked these snakes at various times when somebody was explaining something about them, and once as a kid, when a beggar had them rolled around his neck ...
I don't kill cockroaches but I am kind of scared (more like don't want them anywhere close) ... same for lizards, only thing is, I still don't kill them :)

Blogs are much more fun!!
I once volunteered for a newsletter, it didn't give so much freedom ...Blogs are interactive, we meet so many people, and so much more fun!! If I had known something like blogs even existed I would have created one in 2001 ... :)

Indian Home Maker said...

@Vikas Gupta Will come over and read all about your follies!!

@Rhett Thank You :)

@D :) True ... but don't you like parties too? And I love photography like you do!

Indian Home Maker said...

@Monika Gosh I am so glad you understand the urge to scandalize narrow minded people :)
And I think a love of dancing is a Pisces characteristic :)
I read somewhere, and that confirms my belief that if somebody can be mean to a dog -they can't be good people.

my space said...

where is my comment:-(

Smitha said...

@IHM, Thank you for the tag :) Loved reading through your list and the comments :) Will do it - prob once I am back :)

Trailblazer said...

Nice read, IHM.

Here's my tag as you requested [Link]

Anonymous said...

Hey IHM...Interesting post.Nice to know more about you. Can we get a glimpse of your paintings and creativity:) I am sure they are blogworthy!

Indian Home Maker said...

@trailblazer I enjoyed reading your tag ... will be coming back to comment ... I am facing some problem with commenting on my comp ...

@Homecooked My paintings are not that good, I think i made them sound too good in this post :(

@My Space I haven't got any comment from you! .. I know it's a hassle but may I request you to leave that comment again? There seems to be some problems, I am also finding it difficult to leave comments ...

@Smitha We are all eagerly waiting for you to return!

shail said...

I so agree with your 3rd point! OMG snakes??!! :O
Hmm... I am glad you put me in the second category when tagging. I was thinking, 'hey most people already know a lot about me'!! :D

I will get to it soon!

VS said...

Im so glad i found ur blog! i agree with most people here that you are a very likeable person, straightforward, uncomplicated and kind!! Love your sprit and compassion!! Before i exhaust my limited vocabulary in appreciation..i wud love to have ur clarity of thought and the simplicity of putting those thoughts to words!!

Indian Home Maker said...

@Shail 3rd point .. tolerance, YES, and i knew you would agree ... we learn so much about each other through our blogs :)
Lookforward to reading your tag!

@VS Thank You :) I am touched, really touched ... and honored too.

Chikki said...

wow..This is nice..Nice way of knowing not only others, but ourselves too :).

I just saw you tagged me. I will have to think about myself now.:-)!

Will do it soon.:).Lets see if I can come up with 50 points.:)

Anrosh said...

tags...that is like taking an exam. i gave one on december 13.

Smita said...

Tag completed here http://books-life-n-more.blogspot.com/2009/02/25-random-things-about-me-before-i.html


Usha Pisharody said...

Dunnnn the tag :D!

It's HERE!

Smitha said...

IHM - I finally did your tag - Always forgot to post it out here - I used to remember only while I was on my phone - and for some reason - I cannot post comments on your blog from my phone :( - http://smitha-randomthoughts.blogspot.com/2009/03/its-all-about-me-today-25-things.html