Thursday, December 25, 2008

Zodiac Signs and Blogging styles.

If you have displayed your birthday in your profile, chances are your Sun Sign has been noted :)

Some people ask your Caste , some ask your Sun Sign. If they can politely and unobtrusively ask your time and place of birth, they will. Be vary. You will be judged :) Condemned forever for having an incompatible Mars or Moon.

Your year of birth gives away your Moon. That's far more dangerous than giving away your age. (I can sense disapproving looks here.)Your moon sign is how you feel, and also how you behave when you are angry, sad, jealous or generally emotional. You see a lot of Moon Signs being revealed on Blog forums where heated arguments are going on.

The time of Birth betrays the Rising Sign. Our Rising sign is how people see us. (Also called Personality Sign or Lagna Rashi). If you have a shy Sun Sign and a confident Rising Sign, you might confuse yourself and a lot of others, with you seeing yourself as shy while everybody else thinks you are confident. Or you think you are tactful and the world calls you foot-in-the-mouth-diva?

That is why all Aries, Aquarius or Sagittarius are not alike. If you are always being told, you don't look or act like your Sun Sign, do check your Rising Sign. In fact knowing just the Sun Sign is like reading just only half a post and deciding the blog is Right Wing.

Rising Signs are very important. In Julius Caesar's time the Rising Sign was the only one consulted. Julius Ceasar was a Leo. He must have had a strong chin :)

The most amazing thing is that these signs just like genes, are repeated in families. When they look alike maybe they share the sign that influences their looks the most, the Rising Sign. Nehru and Indira Gandhi were both Scorpio Sun Signs. Advani is Scorpio too. Scorpio Bloggers might enjoy politics.

Scorpios and Pisces are also the most likely to get addicted to blogging.

Gandhi a Libran, with a Leo Moon, fought for Justice and Equality. You see many Libran bloggers trying hard to stay objective, balanced and unbiased. Librans are also likely to have Venus or Mercury in Scorpio (Gandhi did) which can make for passionate writing.

No Aries blogger will ignore a Naqwi. Taurus bloggers (Sun, Moon or Rising) are most likely to blog about Food and arts, and they might play some music on their blogs. I know a few who do :)

Moon is the sign your Indian Janampatri gives you. In Indian astrology the Moon is considered the most important, because it rules your emotions. Our blog is one place where many of us are quite likely to act more like our Moon sign. Sign you got the first letter of your name from. Like A if your moon is in Mesh, N in Scorpio/Vrishchik, S - Aquarius/Kumbh and Mohandaas Karam Chand Gandhi's M for moon in the Leo. Obama's Sun sign is Leo. We seem to get along very well with people who have our Sun Sign somewhere prominent in their Horoscopes.

Leo bloggers are likely have attractive headers and side bars. Aries Bloggers have strong views and stronger emotions. And when you see a Scorpio blogger showing no passion, read carefully. Or check her Moon and Rising. Aquarians aught to remind us of Abraham Lincoln but exactly the opposite also might happen.

A Cancer Mommy blogger is the easiest to imagine, though an Aries or Scorpio would be passionate about everything related to the child too. Virgo moms would blog about baby's health. Leo Mommy bloggers would share the baby pics most proudly :) Aries Mom will record every change, Pisces mom would worry about the the violent world - but then I suppose all mothers will. A Sagittarius mom will have other interests also, and Virgo mommy blogger will most probably not be an SAHM.

A Capricorn blogger is least likely to find anything wrong with her Mother in law, because tradition is seldom wrong with her, and she loves anyone who can be called family. A Pisces blogger might blog about peace, tolerance and compassion.

But imagine a Capricorn born just before Sun rise, with Sagittarius rising. This will be a Capricorn who won't understand why nobody understand s her :)

There is always a strong chance of some presence of the next sign in us. Aries and Gemini may have Taurus love of music and food. Pisces bloggers may stay away from controversial issues, but they are Aries neighbours so .... Virgo bloggers may have a narcissistic and dramatically beautiful blog, like Leo bloggers :)

Controversy would be a Leo, Sagittarius, Aries or Scorpio domain. A Gemini's delight, or a Cancer sense of humour. An Aquarius or Gemini might criticize Obama or Shah Rukh Khan just to annoy their fans. Sagittarius Sun Sign are the Crusading bloggers with causes to champion. Sagittarius Moon and Rising will have the same zeal, and if we do not know their Rising and Moon signs we won't understand why.

Much blogged about Fundamentalist- who are basically just misguided reformers, could have strong Sagittarius in them too. Gemini make great sales people and orators? Raj Thakre is Gemini. Geminis should make very interesting blogs - sticking to no genre. Maybe family stories today, biographical post the next day and a post on food allergies the next day.

Photoblogs should be a Cancer joy, but not restricted to them. Humour too. One would assume that a Virgo blogger would be disciplined and methodical?

Some bloggers write about themselves, we know all about them. Some only discuss politics. Some display their photographs some display err.. photograph from a bad hair day. Whatever else you do bloggers, IMHO it should be compulsory to at least display your Birthdays. Preferably with time and place.


Aneela Z said...

hey what you have for me (as a Cancerian) holds true...i hope i have a decent sense of humour but i am pretty sure I got the bit about the proud mommy archiving (through photographs) the journey of her cat down right!!

Anonymous said...

That was really interesting. I am gonna read it again when there are less distractions. but why dont you take a guess about other bloggers?
Can u guess my sunsign?

yasho said...

That was interesting.... Aries, the practical dreamer, making this comment...I have devoured Linda Goodman's books, for their astrological gems as well as their pure readabliity...


Usha Pisharody said...

Linda Goodman's Sun Signs is one of the most entertaining books I have ever read, and it got me kind of very interested in Zodiac Signs and all. Though I have not been able to go further into the nuances and intricacies, as you have here, very informatively too, I must add, I do enjoy reading hor[r]o[r]scopes in newspapers and magazines.. a lot!!!

[I'm a Leo;) Sun sign :)]

I got a lot to catch up here... and I hope by mid next week I'll be done... lol! You post at a rate faster that my sluggish self can keep up!

And a Merry Christmas to you and the family... including the beautiful dogs and cat too.. !!!

God Bless!!

Indyana said...

IHM...I'm surprised that you would believe in this! But, it's interesting,and good for some fun insights!

Indian Home Maker said...

Annela Mothering your cat is part of being a Cancerian, give Pesho a hug from India :)

Tearsndreams Will try ... but hey me no astrologer, so will just try :) Do you beleive in Astrology?

Suneetha Welcome to this space :)
And don't you think Linda Goodman was such a success, not just because she wrote superbly, but she also made a lot of sense?

Ushapisharody It's so good to see you back, missed your posts and comments :( I know you've been busy ...

Hor(r)or()scopes are such horrors, with so much difference being made in our planetary positions every minute!!!
Do you know your Moon and Rising? It's a lot of fun to know just a little more!

Indyana I don't believe in fortune telling, but Astrology as a very interesting study, YES !!!
Like they say proof of the pudding lies in the eating ... email your correct time & place of birth and then disagree :) You won't!

hitch writer said...

Merry Christmas !!

Astrology, Janam Patrika, Zodiac.... Bah !!!
I am not for anything... !!! sorry ! for me its all may be a lil co incidence and nothing more... but some people earn out of it so you dont want to ban it do you ??

Reema said...

S u believe in sun signs and I presume u have read Linda Goodman???

If yes then yeyyyy!!! same pinch and its an awesome post!! Sadly u haven't written much about Geminis :) My sun sign is Gemini, moon is Aquarius and Ascendent/ Rising Sign is Virgo :)
Linda ki jai ho!

Charakan said...

You gave me one more reason for not believing in Astrology.My blog is completely off the mark of your prediciton.Or should I recheck my date of birth?

Ritu said...

I am all for Lagna and Nakshatra. I dont believe in fortune telling but it does give a great insight into character and personality. I notice you steered clear of the Bad Boys Rahu and Ketu

Deeps said...

Phew!Thats quite a lot of knowledge for a day!!The only time I read about sun signs so intricately was back in school when I read Linda Goodman's book of sun signs.I was totally hooked on to it.And now after reading your post all I'm doing is trying to correlate your description of my sun sign to my blog:)

Indian Home Maker said...

Hitchwriter No please don't ban it :) It's just a lot of harmless fun! Will get back.

Reema Yes lol Linda jee ki jai :))) But your blogging style will also have plenty of Aquarius and Virgo in it? Virgo when you do a thorough research on all about Lipsticks - history, manufacture, uses and social reactions. Not to mention an excellent video link! Wasn't that so methodical? And look at the sort of varied topics you cover on your blog - that's Gemini. Can go on and on ... Glad to find a fellow Astrology freak :)
The point I was making was just that we are much more than our Sun Signs, rising and Moon also count.

Charakan No recheck your time and place of birth. This much will not be wrong. Look at it with a closed mind, refuse to believe it until you have proof, then be surprised :)

mesoliloquy said...

Okay girl! you have me addcited here. Just a week have some mercy! Ha! Ha!

Love your take on various signs. I am a Capri hmm...don't care much for traditions but yes! in true KJo style it is all about loving your family and friends and so on....

Added your friendship bracelet and a link to that Santa post. Thanks IHM!

vimmuuu said...

Ok, now, Im an Arian; pls provide more info. Not that I believe in all these, but its always a pleasure to listen to one; you would either feel very warm inside or get really offended ! LOL.

Imp's Mom said...

I so love this post!

Reading thru kept wondering why Gemini's didn't hold mush space :P and then Raj a Gemini! Wht an insult! I totally suck at sales and marketing, simply cause I cant fib to sell anything...hehehhe...never tried orating!

One reason Gemini's stick to no genre, is simply because its too difficult to talk on just one topic...its like ur shutting ur self off from the world...of course the restless soul that we are...its a typical gemini trait...

You just gave a whole new look towards blogging and personalities:)

Ajit said...

"Much blogged about Fundamentalist- who are basically just misguided reformers, could have strong Sagittarius in them too"

I am a sagg..... :) I personally think sags are pretty dumb, and generally make a mess of things :)......
reminds me of Bertie Wooster from PG Wodehouse.

Balvinder Singh said...

That's a great work done on blogging by different zodiac signs. By the way i am a virgo. I don't know how it fits into this research.

1conoclast said...

C'mon...! You don't really believe Linda Goodman & her (probable?) inspirations from Ancient India???

Isn't this just a fun post? Maybe you should have a label that says JLT, just so we know.

Interesting exercise if being done for timepass, though.

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

This is interesting stuff...but I dont think it really matches peoples profiles the way it is suggested.

Mampi said...

Wow, what a gyan. Loved every bit of it. Should have known it was coming.
But yes, your valued observations are spiced up with your knowledge of your fellow bloggers, aint they?
It was an interesting read.

Smitha said...

Wow Wow Wow! Just makes me glad that I have not displayed my birthday on my profile:) Awesome post - Now I am going to go look at some profiles :)

Homecooked said... are bang on right about Taurus :) I blog about food! I am still at sea about the rising sun and stuff but according to my birthday I am a Taurean.

riya said...

Hey. Nice post. I am an ardent fan of linda goodman. And i somewhat believe in astrology.. I am a gemini and you have written quite true bout geminis.. They can come with different ideas in minutes and can come up with different topics in each posts ranging from politics to food to emotions..

Aparna said...

I have heard of sun signs and moon signs...rising sun is getting too technical on me :)
I love getting forecasts, though my belief factor in them is pretty low. Though yes, stereotyping works with these signs.
FYI, I am a libra by sun sign & Dhanur by moon. Don't know my rising sun :D
Just noted that you have written very little about both signs :) Gandhi seems to have taken a few lines :)

Anonymous said...

Well I am a Taurian and somehow don't agree with the food and art thingy! :) I'll take it with a pinch of salt!

@lankr1ta said...

IHm, please tell me this was a big joke. Astrology.. and a rising moon.. well

Kislay said...

"Aries Bloggers have strong views and stronger emotions" :D

dipali said...

Interesting concept!

Anonymous said...

I care enough about astrology to read carefully whatever I come across and even nod in agreement but not enough to remember it :-)

Sahaja said...

thats an interesting read :)
I could not find much abt Aries...waa

Devil Incarnate said...

hmmmmm that was something very intersting... i didnt really knew tat.... wt u think abt a saggi with leo.???????? just curious 2 knw...

Pixie said...

Hmmm... I am a Piscian (Spelling wrong?!)
I do stay away from controversial topics most of the times!!
I am addicted to blogging... but, in a nice way! :)
Not yet a mom, so don't know about that... But, most of the things are uncannily true.

Chirag said...

Ha ha ha ha Me a Virgo !!! Brilliant Post :)

D said...

Where did you get all this info from?!

hitch writer said...

I gave you my birthday but I didnt receive any mail....

Now I dont believe in all this but I would still like to read :-)

Anonymous said...

that was fun!
i am leo- and yes, love to display photographs!

am going to discreetly check who are the sagi bloggers i read :)
-sur notes

Pinku said...

a fun read..though am slightly worried what all you will find out about me...through this gyan you seem to possess.

kanagu said...

thats a interesting read IHM :)

Smita said...

Hmmm interesting post...

Am a capri and can I know more about myself??

I think u shud start charging us now ;)

Indian Home Maker said...

Mesoliloqy That is why I mentioned Rising and Moon signs. Any Capricorn Sun Sign like you, with Rising in a very different Sign, might act/look more like the Rising than Capricorn.

Vimmuuu - Aries - Driven. Enthusiastic. Emotional. Bold. Even overconfident. Ambitious, positive, optimistic, can be rash, independent, energetic, can be accident prone :) But you must check your Moon & Rising also, or else you only know one third of you :) What time you were born matters, can make you appear very different!

Imp's Mom - Geminis Very sharp. Smart. Witty, can be sarcastic. Restless. Love music. Versatile. great at convincing. But you obviously need to know your Moon and Rising also! I have a close Gemini friend, when we were younger, her kids had a great time because she was forever planning some activity. Reading, picnicking, we hung and tied sheets for hammocks and tree houses under trees, it was fun because she was always game for any crazy ideas ... we used to sing with the kids, play rhyming games, she made a Chart of multiplication tables and stuck it in the - guess where? In the loo for her Son to revise while sitting on the pot. I envied her energy :)

Ajit & Hitchwriter Not all Sagittarius are Fundamentalists!!! Sagittarius are the Reformers and Crusaders of the world, the most broad minded, compassionate, coolest, intelligent, curious, irreverent, anti-tradition, ambitious but not jealous, they can also be naive and tactless ... They can think way ahead of their times. They love traveling, they love animals, they enjoy sports, nature, food and the theatre, they love Learning, they have no ego hassles, and a lot of pride, they are also very honest. They are known for their Causes, compassion and courage. They are also very sentimental. They enjoy Astrology by the way. Do I sound biased? My dad was a Sagittarius.

Balvinder Singh - Virgos - like Reema (above) are methodical, analytical, critical and this should reflect in the blog. A lot of research, attention to detail also.

1conoclast You are right. This is just light hearted fun. Added time pass in the tags for good measure. Would never recommend this be taken seriously. But keep an open mind, prove it wrong by checking and seeing for yourself :)

L Venkata Subramanium :)

Mampi Yes ma'am! And do you disagree? Made some confirmations and also found some surprises. Avoided naming anyone though :)

Smitha LOL :)

Homeccoked Yes Taurus is ruled by Venus. Music and love for any musical instrument is also very likely. Peace, beauty, politeness, determination, some stubbornness. Should reflect in the blogs too.

Riya Thanks :) True. Geminis are also extremely versatile, witty, clever and social.

Aparna Actually Rising Sign is simply the Sign in the East when you were born (or the sign in your first house or your lagna rashi, please check). If you were born at Sunrise, that would be your Sun Sign, around two hours before would be the sign before, but that isn't accurate. It's good to know your Rising Sign, because then you know how people see you.
Horoscopes (and Fortune Telling) are Horrorrscopes. They put one twelfth of the population in one bracket!!!
Dhanur Moon means emotionally you are a Sagittarius - should mean someone who needs some personal space, is open minded, is naive, even gullible, please do read the comment about Sagittarius above :)
I am a Gandhi fan :)

MashedMusings You must check your Moon and Rising Sign.
And yes, all this should be taken with many tea spoonfulls of salt :)

@lankrita Just some lighthearted fun :) Why not check your own sign(s) and see?

Kislay Not true? There's more about Aries in the comments, wonder if it applies to you ....?

Dipali A lot of fun :)

tearsndreams Ha! Happy to meet a kindred spirit :) But you didn't say what your sign was?

Sahaja Added some in the comments above. Aries women are the most independent women I know. Most are spirited, cheerful, frank, social, broad minded Feminists. Very enthusiastic. All this will reflect in their blog.
Many Aries enjoy music, instrumental and singing. And food. I have never met an Aries girl who is not able to drive and most of them prefer keeping their hair short. They are either extremely organised and neat or live in total chaos :) Most are always always learning something new - full of life. Does this apply to you? said...

very interesting, IHM. i am a taurean...and i do blog about food!
may be all this thing about sun signs is true! i btr develop some faith!

Indian Home Maker said...

Devil Incarnate - Sagittarius described above. You can expect them to blog about their Causes, animals, travel.
Leos are considered stylish, proud, sentimental, bold and are good leaders. So expect a nice looking blog. BTW Obama is a Leo :)

Pixie - Pisces? You are probably tolerant, reasonably patient, dislike discrimination, violence and cruelty?

D LOL Isn't it fun? And don't you really think "Oh they are like this probably they are such and such Sun, Moon or Rising?" It may not be accurate, but it will be pretty close. Check. Also in the comments. You Aries?

hitchwriter Replied :)
Read about Sagittarius above. You are Sagittarius Sun AND Sagittarius Moon, (Dhanu rashi). No time mentioned, so can't tell the Rising ...

Sur Notes :) Thanks, and lol that sounds like such fun. I like doing that too!!!

Pinku LOL ... and when it doesn't match blame it on the Rising and Moon? Did the Taurus bits match a little?

Kanagu Welcome to my blog :) Hope you find it matches with your sign(s)?

Smita LOL :) Capricorn alone will be only 1/nth of you ... also check your Moon and Rising.
But Capricorn women are the traditional ones. The easy to raise kids, who like their moms to be their best friends. Respect for elders, almost no rebellion, a wish to be liked and a lot of fondness for all family and extended family. Very ambitious, but generally not bossy. Cool in crisis. They like being formally and properly dressed.
Far more sensitive than they look, not as confident as they appear. Generally they have a few chosen friends, not a huge gang. Might enjoy being at home more than going out.
Capricorns respect rules. They are not frivolous. Serious, sober, dignified, conventional. BUT you must check your rising, and moon because you are unlikely to be all Capricorn :)

Mandira - Taurus You also played music on your blog earlier ... remember? You may also have some Capricorn you should check your Rising and Moon. If you read right above you will see why I think you are a Capricorn... maybe Pisces, but more like Capricorn.

Out Of My Shell said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the blog - not because I am very interested in astrology, but because I look for ways to read about people until I get to know them to an extent(a polished way of saying - " I am evaluating all the time :D" - the curious scorpion you know...
A Pisces blogger might blog about peace, tolerance and compassion - truly said!(how many profile views did you get recently???;))

Indyeah said...

Hi!:)Can you believe it?Or rather can I believe it?yesterday I was going through your sunsigns post....and desperately searching for references to leo.:D...and I found it...''Leo bloggers are likely have attractive headers and side bars''...and I thought that's me to a T!and you leave such a sweet comment....:)thank u,thank u...Merry Christmas to u too...hope u had a lovely one.:) still googling for my rising sign :D

Indian Home Maker said...

Chirag Thank You :) Do you think the Virgo bloggers description fits you?
You probably have some Leo also. Just saying this from the look of your blog :)

Outoftheshell :) LOL @ profile views here.
And that is curiosity of the Scorpio kind :)

moon's muse said...

hahahhah..i totally loved reading your post!i am moon's know why cz i was "always" told how moon was so very prominent in my horoscope hence the would irk me,people commenting on the emotional aspect all the time...but there i was becoming a muse for earth's natural satellite :D!

moon's muse said...

hey i let you on that bit about my do guess my rising star!ciao :)

Kislay said...

You would be a better judge . But I guess do feel strongly about certain things . My lunatic rantings would bear witness to that .

Gauri Gharpure said...

very interesting!!

Usha Pisharody said...

IHM, no I don't know my Moon, and Rising...:)

How does one figure that out...? This is one very informative post, esp with the replies to the comments...:) As someone has already said, perhaps you should consider charging us... lol!

Will wait for your instructions and see what more is discovered, [hitherto, unnoticed, perhaps.. :D!!!]

Maya said...

i guess a lot of effort and research has gone into this posting, thats certainly affordable when you are so popular.

i being libra thou i live balanced life in real but my blog posting dont seem to have that balance

Anonymous said...

well I was waiting for you to guess. I am a Gemini. 9th June, And love planning events...Bday parties, surprises, Diwali parties, Xmas that part did ring a bell.
If you really like to study and test, I can mail u my year, time and place of birth too. As I said, I love to read and forget :-)
So let me know.
And BTW hope I didnt embarrass you with the adulation in my last post

Indian Home Maker said...

tearsndreams Please email me the exact date and time, even place if it's okay :) Waiting!!

Anonymous said...

You see many Libran bloggers trying hard to stay objective, balanced and unbiased


Tell me IHM,if this holds true to me..

I wonder how and appreciate the time and effort you take to respond to every comment:) Thats my IHM :)

Indian Home Maker said...

Nimmy Not only objective and balanced but also in your case, amazingly patient and very bold (without being aggressive). How many people can do that? I am always amazed at our supreme patience and tact with intolerance and sometimes ignorance. Love your well informed takes at gender bias, I think there's some also Virgo and/or Scorpio here... just wondering.

Indian Home Maker said...

Moon's Muse The hint is at Cancer obviously :) Moon in Cancer? I need to know you (your blog and comments) a little to make any guesses ... Saw you are a Scorpio Sun. You should like astrology.

Gauri Gharpure Just like all those timepass activities we find on the net :)

Usha Pisharody You need to know your time of birth for Ascendant/Rising Sign, if you had a picture on your blog, some Rising signs can be guessed very easily from your face, because your Rising does decide how you look. I find, Leo chin and jawline, Cancer face and forehead, Aries nose & forehead, Scorpio nose makes these ascendants very easy to guess.
For Moon your date, place and year of birth is needed
It's a lot of fun but I would never take any serious decisions based on Astrology.

Kislay You'd be astonished if you knew your Moon and Rising. Read more about Aries above and you will find a lot more you agree with!

Maya No effort at all, because now it has become a habit to check people's Sun Sign (or more if it's provided on the profile page) - I know it isn't wise because stereotyping is not right.
Did ask some bloggers some questions to confirm some facts, some were justifiably concerned that Astrology can be misleading, hence I am repeating, that this should only be seen as fun activity.
In your case perhaps the Libra Sun is outbalanced by the Rising and the Moon?

Meso said...

IHM, I am here again and your description to Smitha about Capris is apt.

I am a Capri and I was a bit rebellious and sometimes disrespectful to elders but other than that I agree with each and every word you described Capricorn at least me.

Must say you have given it a lot of thought and research. Added you to my daily dose list :)

Kislay said...

My moon sign is Scorpio . Don't know what Rising is .

moon's muse said...

gosh!i am very very surprised!!!you are totally on the mark!cancer it is and sun in scorpio!

unbelievable!that too without dob,pob and tob!you seem to posses supernatural powers lady!

as for liking astrology..yes a bit!!i am going to post about it soon,not the technical jargon,but you'll see!

Ajit said...

Now that is description of sagg. that I like :P

Riya said...

Hey.. ITS gettin preety interesting in here.. Ur post made me go back and read linda goodman once again... Too gud..

But I always had this quEstion regarding how much of the sun sign and the moon sign does represent us.. I thought sun sign depicts a practical side of personality n moon sign depicts the emotional side of a person..
well.. I know less bout ascendants.. How much influence does the ascendant have on us.. any idea..??

Sahaja said...

Whoa.....true true except driving part but i am learning now!
hair umm i love my hair to be mediuim if not long but not short [Alas...recently i got a hair cut and she did it too short for me :( ]
evrything else perrrrfect! abt blog u people shud say ;)

Silvara said...

Ooh...very interesting. Although am not sure what a Piscean blogging style is because as you say I cannot tolerate violence and cruelty, I will respond with a quite a passion to these issues. Perhaps not blog about them all the time but definitely comment. Am on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces really...does that change anything?? (Oh wise one :P)

Mama - Mia said...


i love reading this kinda stuff! am told i possibly cant be an arien! but i think i am ecept the ambitious and dominating part of it! dominating, i used to be, but then i worked on it conciously!

my moom sign is Gemini or Mithun as its called! M's sunsign is Gemini and i havent met a truer one!! :)

must be fun studying astrology!



Sandhya said...

Hey that was a fun read and mostly true I would say.

shail said...

Very very interesting!! Hmm... so the rising sign is what others see you as?? I doubt that. I don't think others see me as a Piscean!! Sigh!!! ...more like..ahh well I wouldn't know. They attribute qualities to me that I don't even have. Or on second thoughts do I?? *left pondering*

Indian Home Maker said...

Silvara ROTFL :) The wise one thinks you can either be Pisces or an Aquarius. Cusps are a myth. The explanation is - maybe your Rising is Pisces and Sun Aquarius or Moon Aquarius, or even Mars or Venus so you very rightly see both in yourself.
When's your birthday?

Indian Home Maker said...

Abha Date of birth(s) please and we will find out the reason ... I, frankly, see a lot of peace loving, tolerant Pisces in you. But also Aries independence (from your blog posts). Gemini Moon and Sun and a love of traveling, interacting, should be great at PR skills too ... and also see it proves what I have observed, that one spouse's signs are repeated in the other, Happens all the time, makes you very compatible too.

Shail Your time of birth is accurate? Want me to confirm the Rising and Moon?

Sandhya Glad it matched, I think if the time and date are correct it generally does match.

sahaja Whatever is not matching could be because of your Rising and Moon?!

Riya Sun is for Character, Moon rules our Emotions, this is very true. You may find a very easy going Sun sign acting very intensely and passionately when emotional (i.e. under the influence of their intense Moon sign) or vice versa.
It seems we are more like our Ascendant in our childhood, later we become more like our Sun Signs. Also Ascendant or Rising is our Personality sign, i.e. how people see you.
You will find it always matches, correct time of birth is needed, if there is a doubt match with the characteristics of the various signs.
Would like to know what you observe ...

Indian Home Maker said...

Moon's Muse No!! I saw the dob on your profile (sheepish grin)and you said Moon's Muse & Moon rules Cancer. But you must match the characteristics to see how well they match! I would love to read your Astrology post! I don't believe in predictions and never go to any jyotish-shyotish. My next post was a disclaimer of sorts. This is just for fun :) (and a lot of fun it is!)

ajit Every sign is both good and bad. I am surrounded by a lot of good Sagittarius Sun and Rising signs at home - the first description was not too effusive because I thought I might be biased :)

shail said...

IHM, my rising sign is Pisces according to Western astrology, but is Kumbha lagna according to Indian (Malayalam)system. Kumbha is the water-bearer which makes it Aquarius. Now that I can understand. Moon is also in Pisces you see.

Mama - Mia said...


sounds good! will mail you our birthdates! a little more knowledge about self never hurt anyone! :)