Monday, September 8, 2008

Quirky tag ...much, much delayed!

I had been tagged by refelctions to write about six quirks I have. I had never given any real thought to my quirks before so let me take my tip from the tagger's treatment of the subject.

1. I FORGET faces, names, people, dates, amounts paid or not paid, important details that should NOT be forgotten.
And I REMEMBER people's Zodiac signs, their time of birth, if I have taken a look at their chart, then even other details in their birth-charts.
I even try to guess the sun signs of characters in books and movies. Do other bloggers do that?

2. I feel time, life and everything else stops if the green lights on the Wireless Router stop blinking :)
Or (God forbid) if the Computer has some problem!

3. Any house I enter I try to see how safe it is from break ins. Do the windows have grills? Is the complex/locality walled safely? Are there any slums around? How far are the servants' quarters? Do they have live-in help walking in and out of their house? Is the entrance to the house burglar friendly by being hidden from the sight? And invariably the observations are reasonably correct....I'd make a good watchman :)

4. I love to go through the 'User's Manual', cover to cover. I know more about our Car, TV, Washing Machine, Digital Cameras, Cell Phones, ACs, Toaster, Microwave, Iron, Electric Kettle, Pen Drives, Dental Implants, then the people using them :)

5. I love loud music while driving and dancing. At all other times loud TV or music makes me simply miserable. I am a teenager 's nightmare mom. I think maybe I have extra sharp ears, so loud noises cause physical discomfort. Maybe I was a dog in my last life...

6.I go out of my way to avoid wasting anything. Paper is recycled, food is sent for stray animals, clothes are painstakingly ironed and given away, lights are switched off while leaving a room...sometimes it goes too far. Isn't this a very Indian Homemaker like quirk? Thankfully I pass the Newspaper, plastic bags and such things to my maids everyday...otherwise I would be tempted to collect and sell those too ;)

Now for who do I think should do this TAG...I guess I will leave it open, most tags are a lot of fun, so if you think you'd enjoy doing this one do go ahead. Will be delighted if you let me know when you've posted your quirks :)


Mampi said...

You did the tag wonderfully. It contributed to the morning laughter.
YOu know what, I m no different as far as your quirk number 1 and 2 are concerned. I behave much in the same way too. NUmber 4 is also common among us.
But it was a great fun read.

D said...

Very "original" quirks, if I may say so! And I love the one about checking out how safe houses are. You just won't make a good watchman but also a very good burglar!

Cuckoo said...

I was in splits when I read through the blog... but some of your quirks are so familiar... I cannot sometimes bear music at really low volumes and I always try to guess the sun signs, even in a M&B :)

Aneela Z said...

ummmm I am BIG about switching off lights as well...I really envy you about going through husband always wonders how I read ANYTHING I get my hands on, even the newspaper stuff is wrapped in but blank out when it comes to manuals.

Indian Home Maker said...

@ Mampi husband thinks I would have made a great 'kabadiwalee' :)..unfortunately I fear the same and make a constant effort to avoid the temptation! Recently, I steeled my heart and when we bought a new keyboard for Son's Desktop, I threw the old keyboard in the dustbin. I saw such delight on the kachrewalee's face, when she asked if she could sell it for something...

Anonymous said...

Hai IHM,

That was a nice read...Lol..Even I feel dizzy when my pc seems to have cough n cold..but I hate reading manuals..As Aneela says,I love digging up newspaper,but not manuals or novles,whereas my mom insists on me reading manula,before I crash down our oven..Its the zillionth tme we operate it..Still she insists me to read

I hope to write a list for myself:-)

Good day to all

Indian Home Maker said...

@d ROTFL.... ROTFL ...Never gave it a thought really, but yes, I guess I would make a great burglar, but I am so clumsy I am sure I would step on their sleeping German Shepherds' tail :)

Indian Home Maker said...

@cuckoo And these guesses are often correct, aren't they?

Indian Home Maker said...

@aneela z It's really interesting how we read Newspaper stuff is wrapped in - when I was in college I found M F Hussain's paintings on one such wrapper, and till then I had no favourite painters, today I can say he's good. My siser disagrees, she says, he's not 'good', he is just more 'saleable' than many better painters :)...but to think it started with reading a wrapper!

Anonymous said...

I am with you on the wireless router thing.

Anonymous said...


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Mama - Mia said...


quirky indeed!! very cool read this made!! needed some post lunch laughs to avoid dozing off at work!! :p



Pinku said...


the list is nice. Though what I find better is the fact that you picked up quirks which are acceptable and maybe even desirable.

Lets hear about the more unmentionable ones and thats when the real fun will begin.

Anonymous said...

I wrote a loooong comment..Where did it go:-(

never mind,good one IHM..Its always nice to hear from you..I feel as if you are someone who is so close and dear to me,as we both share lot of common thoughts...

good day to all

Rohini said...

I agree with 2, 4 & 5!! I love loud music while driving too! :)

Indian Home Maker said...

@phoenixritu :)

@richa Sure. Will check out the link pronto :)

@ Mama- Mia Always a pleasure :)

@ Pinku - LOL ...unmentionable ones! Dare I ? Isn't loud music while driving offensive...well, I also SING ALONG!(not where someone might know me, generally on highways and 'away from home' roads)..

@nimis540 Awww Nimmy! I felt the same way when I read your post that I linked to mine on Prenups...glad your post featured on Blog Bharti and I found your Blog :)

@Rohini Do you drive in Pune ever? If it wasn't for music I'd probably be cursing the traffic! But 'mirchi sunne wale hardum khush' :))

Thought Room said...

Your quirks remind me of me many times. I used to have your quirk 1, but not any more. I too have a habit of switching off lighs. I aim for your quirk no 6, but sometimes fail miserably. Like someone said, they are good quriks to have.

chandni said...

cool quirks indeed!

good to know more about you :)

my space said...

IHM..Lol! I too get hyper when the comp for peoples names-that`s tough but I never forget Birthdays..even of people I don`t want to wish ;-)..
As for wasting paper?? I am a real scrooge..

Indian Home Maker said...

@thought room- you have to tell me how to remember names and people! I am a bad case...

@Chandni- Always ready to talk about myself :)

@my space- Scrooge is the name, I am a scrooge too!

roop said...

lol i am so with you on number 5. thanks for a great laugh! :)

eve's lungs said...

Lol - some of your quirks are really funny esp the security bit - are you the nervous type and do you double padlock everything like my Ma ?
But yes I wouldnt call No 6 a legitimate quirk - only shows that your awareness and consciousness levels are very high :)

Indian Home Maker said...

@eves's lungs Lol no I won't double padlock! ...there's no need because we have a Burglar Alarm :)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha good one!!

Imp's Mom said...

lol..tht is a good one...too many familiar ones again :) esp the forgetting names bit and 4,5,6 :D

and also remembered i was tagged to do the same one before my sys crashed

Indian Home Maker said...

@worldthrumyeyes Thanks :)

@Imp's Mom Great to see you in the blogosphere again!
Consider yourself retagged :)