Sunday, June 22, 2008

Page 123, line 6...... a TAG again.

Devaki tagged me to write the sixth, seventh and eighth lines of page 123 of the the book closest at hand. The book on my bedside table is called 'Complete Home Medical Guide' (American College of Physicians, DK Publishing,

This book has been our guide for ten years now, helping us through lower back aches, allergies and dental cavities. It once reassured us that every abdominal pain on the lower right side was not appendicitis, and hence saved an unnecessary, midnight trip to the Hospital!

It has also filled me with guilt by insisting that the much avoided regular check ups are the best prevention for most health problems.

When it was new, every time I read any symptoms I was sure someone in the family had them. Once this book had me rushing to get an Stomach Endoscopy done. The book said acidity could lead to Stomach Cancer. LOL... Over a period of time I have learned to use it more bravely :)

The book written by a team of doctors is a blessing when most Doctors in India, either because of lack of knowledge or pure indifference do not give you enough information...and you really need to know what's happening to you. It also provides a list of websites for more information.

Pages 122 and 123 are 17th amongst 70 Symptoms Charts which help you in 'Assessing your Symptoms'. The 6th, 7th and 8th lines of page 123 makes no sense here, but like Devaki says that's the fun of tags! So the lines are: 'If your depression continues longer than 2 weeks after the viral symptoms have gone, make an appointment to see your doctor.'

And now for who should do this tag next! Let's see, I TAG Priyanka, Manpreet and Thought Room.


Devaki said...

This book sounds interesting. But do you think it might turn me into a bigger hypochondriac than I already am? :)

Indian Home Maker said...

Devaki In the beginning I behaved like an absolute hypochondriac, but after a while the book became a very reliable support. My family and friends call to ask why they have been prescribed certain medicine, or what their symptoms could can soothe and reassure as well as alarm :)

Mampi said...

Tag is done. BTW where did my comment go from this post? I had left it same day.