Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happiness is.....

Happiness is being spoiled for choice! (written by Son)
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I picked up this tag from Mandira, this is the first time I picked a tag, I’m glad it’s such a feel good tag!

Happiness for me is (in random order).....

Moments alone. Just after ‘the three’ have gone to school and work. The maids have left. The house looks squeaky clean. I have the place to myself...

Fun time with the kids. Telling them who ate dog- food. And who ate dog****.

Yes she did, in the park.Picked something from the grass, saw my face and quickly put it in her mouth.

Family in the kitchen.

mh (my husband who is More Away Than Home) trying his special ‘aloo dahi wale’;

Daughter all but drooling over her dad’s shoulder, while her specialty ‘Chocolate with Walnuts’, chills in the fridge.

Son mixing batter for Brownies - without any nuts! Can you imagine brownies without nuts! This nut hates nuts and subjects us all to super tasting but nut-free brownies.

Mother (that's me) standing on top of the breakfast-counter, asking everybody to pose. Dogs joining in the fun, getting to lick some batter /masala. Cat high on top of the wall units.

Playing with the cat. Just looking at the cat : )

Fresh flowers.

Playing with my highly energetic, ‘forever a puppy’ dog. (Dog I)

Hugging, scratching, petting the ‘gentle soul dog’, the sweetest, most angelic dog. (Dog II)

Watching a filthy, diseased, stray dog/cat/ any animal being fed by some kind stranger.

An unexpected call from a long out-of-touch friend.

My old cameras.

When I cribbed about having to wait because mh needed to meet someone in his office, he says, “I thought you’ll only be pleased to look at the digital SLR cameras in the mall across the road! You better tell me which model, before I leave for Dubai.” (No it’s not a bribe, he actually thought so, that’s what’s so sweet : ))

Comments on my Blog! Somebody actually read it!

Fresh clean bed sheets, a breezy morning, freshly dusted rooms, curtains flying in the breeze...a shady balcony and me on my laptop.

Making a child-beggar finish a banana/wada pao/biscuits in front of my eyes. (if you give them the food or money, there is every chance that it will be taken away)

My daughter perched on the kitchen counter, reading out some HW assignment, while I give garlic, tarka to her favourite masoor daal.

Two dogs going mad with joy because, lo and behold, today I woke up after an afternoon nap!

Time spent in the Gym.

Chilled milk with rooh afzah and lots of ice, on a hot day.

Weekends with visiting friends. Old, old, old friends.

Long drives. Taking pictures on Mumbai-Pune Express Highway. From a moving car.

Reading a post/news article/book that echoes my sentiments...Anti-communalism, anti-regionalism, anti-sexism, anti Talibanisation of our culture.

Roller Coaster rides that make you scream!

Hearing someone passionately, eloquently blast our politicians.

New pots and pans.

New colourful, cushion covers.

Anna Hazare.

Tista Setalwad.


Domestic Violence Act 2005

Swaminomics (The Times of India).

Nikon D80.

Taslima Nasreen.

A mahagony chest of drawers.

Sparkling clean window panes.

My laptop.

Driving. Music while driving.

My sister relishing my cooking.

Westerly breeze through the windows.


Anonymous said...

i loved your list!its a nice,long one.. how many pet do you have?? put up pictures naa!!
i enjoy spending time with the family over meals too:D
from the camera-related items on the list,i am guessing you are big time into photography..i would love to see some of your work..

Indian Home Maker said...

Do you like dogs? LOL! No I am very fond of taking pictures, but I am not good at it. I just take pictures to capture beautiful memories, mainly family and pets...I don't even have a fancy camera, yet.

Krishna Aradhi said... you like "Hearing someone passionately, eloquently blast our politicians."

Heh. I hope you get plenty of that on my blog!

Indian Home Maker said...

Krishna Aradhi: LOL! Oh yes there's lots of that on your blog. I feel if there is nothing else we can do, we can at least be aware, and create awareness. I really do enjoy reading your blog:)

Homecooked said...'ve got quite a sweet list.Specially the first one :) So did your hubby finally buy the camera for you?

J said...

Love your list esp the first one... and pls put up more pics :)

btw did u get ur new camera?

"Fresh clean bed sheets, a breezy morning, freshly dusted rooms, curtains flying in the breeze...a shady balcony and me on my laptop." My fav!

Indian Home Maker said...

Homecooked: The first one?..The one that says 'spoiled for choice'? I scanned all such masterpieces(LOL) and promised the kids these will be shown to their kids! About my camera, mh is not yet back! Also I have to tell him which camera, since I have never used DSLR cameras,I checked on the net and I think Nikon D80 sounds good...must tell him soon, or he might bring something on his own!

Indian Home Maker said...

j I have preserved a huge amount of 'hearts' notes, letters to Tooth Fairies, Santa and gems (lol) like above...once they have grown up it is difficult to believe that they actually offered you GI Jo and Barbie for your birthday!
mh is not yet back from Dubai, he is getting the camera from there (costs less)in fact I must tell him which one, and soon! Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Whoa such a dashing list and long one too. good to know so many things makes you happy.
BTW you got a neat blog here. Many of your posts reflect my thoughts.

Indian Home Maker said...

lively - About the long list... AREN'T WE EASY TO PLEASE:)
btw, Thanks! When I was reading your blog and I felt the same:)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I loved that letter!!! Incredibly cute!!
Nice space you have here...found the telemarketing post very actually did that!!!

Indian Home Maker said...

gooddaysunshine Thanks:)Yeah did that at first out of sheer frustration, because I was so angry, but later it actually became kind of entertaining.

Roop Rai said...

you must be a wonderful mother :).

Indian Home Maker said...

roop rai - Like most mothers I will make mistakes, but since we are such a democratic family,any mistakes I make will not go unchallenged by the two brats:)

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd add to your happiness (Point # 14, not counting the letter)!

It's a nice blog you have here. I look forward to reading about your future adventures!

Indian Home Maker said...

Thanks! And you did really add to my happiness:)) Visited your blog, hope to get some info about how to use Linux.

Jyoti said...

Moments alone and Comments make me happy too!

u have a great blog here, stumbled thru quite a few blogs to get here and I'm glad!

Sorry to hear about your dad.

Indian Home Maker said...

Jyoti thanks! Just came back from your blog...I don't like BJP, I feel they encourage religious fundamentalism. I liked your comments and opinion on News articles. Made me want to pay a little more attention to NEWS! Glad you visited my blog, hope to see you again:)

Anonymous said...

beautiful list....reading about it is making me happy :)

Jyoti said...

Thank you! (smiling like a Cheshire cat)

Indian Home Maker said...

Chandni Thanks!
jyoti :)