Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Chak de railways : )

Lalu’s Budget, not bad. Not bad at all. Chak De Railways ?

My son summed it up, “Does he mean railway stations will look like Airports?” I was most amused at the unabashed self-praise...Well deserved, earned ??

I am generally a believer in privatisation, because anything that belongs to everybody (State or Government Property, Sarvajanik property) is NOBODY’s property. There was a time one had to wait for a minimum of three months to get a telephone connection, if one paid Rs 10,000/- (1988). Otherwise there was a longer wait. Once the government allowed the profit makers to provide telecom services...all I can think is ‘what an idea sar jee!’

Remember krishi darshan days on Indian Television?

So although Lalu Yadav is doing a great job, some amount of privatisation will do an even better job. See what it did for Air Travel?


Krishna Aradhi said...

The government's duty is to govern the country, not to do business. Privatisation is very much necessary. If only the commies hadn't interfered, it could have been done.

Anonymous said...

i have mixed views on this. i agree that provitisation can work wonders in some cases. but i think its imp to critcally evaluate what we want to pvt'ise before we go head long. take the delhi bus privitisation for instance...the blue lines are a pain and i am sure will continue to be so!
i thot your sone's opinion on railway stations that will look like Airports was really cute! :D

Anonymous said...

btw, krishi darshan was my dad's favourite prgm for a no. of years. i think he made it a favourite simply because of lack of options!!

Indian Home Maker said...

Krishi Darshan would have been far more interesting if it was handed over to some private company :)

Kris said...

I agree with churningthewordmill that privatisation has to be selective. There are a few PSUs out there which are operating profitably. But most of them are just White Elephants and a huge burden on our country.

Indian Home Maker said...

Yes the blue lines buses have been a fiasco!